Fix It Quick: The Importance of a Party or Event Emergency Kit

Photo: QC Events

Photo: QC Events

It’s inevitable to run into unexpected emergencies in any event or party planning. There’s no running away from it, no matter how much you prepare! This is why it’s important to have a party or event emergency kit that will definitely come in handy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just Grandpa’s birthday bash, or a huge networking event. Having this kit can help to ease whatever challenges that may pop up! Check out what you’ll need to make your own party or event emergency kit:

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Best Ice Cream Mash Ups


Take all the opportunities with the warm weather outside, and indulge in icy treats. Except, take it one step further, and go with an ice cream mash up that will turn your week upside down.. In a good way!

Food mash ups aren’t going anywhere, so serving them for a weekend gathering or office party will definitely hit the spot. Get your fix, after the cut:

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Party Catering Inspiration: Fresh, Summer Bites!

It’s deliciously hot outside, but we’re embracing everything about this summer heat! If you haven’t already, start planning for an awesome summer gathering to bring friends, family and even colleagues together. Planning a networking session? Head outdoors!

Give thanks to the sunny weather, by serving fresh, summer bites! It’s all about serving foods that are bright and light, but still pack a punch. Come on in, and be inspired:

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