• NYC, September 2013.  Self portrait of PeiCheck Productions' Creative Administrator.

    Vendor Highlight: PeiCheck Productions

    It’s really not that difficult to be a photographer these days. After all, we have easy access to fancy cameras, or our trusty iPhones to color our Instagram accounts! Anyone can point and shoot, and think they have what it … Continue reading

  • Lenny's Combo Sandwich

    Vendor Highlight: Lenny’s Catering

    It’s inevitable. A whiff of pastrami in the air will have you begging for a seriously good sandwich to fill your appetite. Whenever and wherever you’re hit by this sandwich craving, you can definitely count on Lenny’s Catering to deliver. We mean … Continue reading

  • Gatsby-Party

    Theme Party Ideas: The Great Gatsby

    Old and new Gatsby lovers alike will agree, in Gatsby’s world, ‘a little party never killed nobody.’ The Jazz Age screams indulgence and opulence beyond compare; there just might be a way to do it like Gatsby, but with a much … Continue reading

Stress-Free Drinks To Serve This Thanksgiving!



Photo: J. Kenji López-Alt via Serious Eats

It’s the start of the holiday season, and we hope we’ve helped you sort out your Thanksgiving dishes. Now, we can’t forget about the drinks that will complement your delicious food and desserts!

Scroll below as we compile easy, stress-free drinks to make for your Thanksgiving feast that much more awesome, with recipes that will please everybody!

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How to Host the Best, Stress-Free Thankgiving Feast!

Photo: Vanessa Rees via Saveur

Photo: Vanessa Rees via Saveur

We’re under two weeks away from Thankgiving weekend and we understand, the stress level is real. Prep for Thanksgiving dinners can be exhausting and takes away all the joy from the holidays, so we’ve come up a quick list of ways so that you can enjoy an awesome, and most importantly, stress-free Thanksgiving!

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World Diabetes Day: Get Your Health On and Go Vegan!


Photo: Getty Images

Empire State will light up in blue, the official color of World Diabetes Day. [Photo: Getty Images]

Almost everyday we read about the alarming rise of diabetes in our country, and the rest of the world. In fact, it’s hard to find any family who aren’t affected by this disease so it’s time we all wake up and do something!

Every year on November 14, the International Diabetes Foundation and WHO celebrate World Diabetes Day as an effort to address issues revolving the diabetes community, as well as to spread much needed awareness. Fun fact: November 14 is also the birthday of Frederick Banting, who co-conceived the idea behind insulin in 1922!

Here at Fiestah, we’re all about keeping a balanced lifestyle and making our health a priority, even though we understand it might be difficult to do sometimes! This is why we’ve compiled a list of healthier options that cuts high amounts of fat, sodium and carbs. We’ve got four dishes by awesome vegan caterers you can depend on for flavor, and natural goodness to keep diabetes at bay, and under control. No better time to start than today!

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