• NYC, September 2013.  Self portrait of PeiCheck Productions' Creative Administrator.

    Vendor Highlight: PeiCheck Productions

    It’s really not that difficult to be a photographer these days. After all, we have easy access to fancy cameras, or our trusty iPhones to color our Instagram accounts! Anyone can point and shoot, and think they have what it … Continue reading

  • Lenny's Combo Sandwich

    Vendor Highlight: Lenny’s Catering

    It’s inevitable. A whiff of pastrami in the air will have you begging for a seriously good sandwich to fill your appetite. Whenever and wherever you’re hit by this sandwich craving, you can definitely count on Lenny’s Catering to deliver. We mean … Continue reading

  • Gatsby-Party

    Theme Party Ideas: The Great Gatsby

    Old and new Gatsby lovers alike will agree, in Gatsby’s world, ‘a little party never killed nobody.’ The Jazz Age screams indulgence and opulence beyond compare; there just might be a way to do it like Gatsby, but with a much … Continue reading

Throw A Mad Men Theme Party With 8 Easy Steps!

Still reeling about the inevitable end of Mad Men, but can’t wait for the second half of the seventh season? It’s time for a ‘house’ party!

Anytime is the perfect time to spruce up your home, put on a fabulous outfit and host a Mad Men theme party! We’ve got eight easy steps to pull everything together, and throw the kind of party Don Draper and co will be more than happy to attend, after the cut:

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Throw An Easy (And Last Minute) Labor Day Party!

We don’t know about y’all, but we’re really diggin’ the proposed agenda, in the picture above!

If you’re not in the mood to head out and deal with people, then let us suggest how to throw a seriously easy (and yummy!) Labor Day party. We’ve got a few easy recipes, without the laboring (get it?) at the grill, below!

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