Host an Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving!

Photo: Marcus Nillson

Photo: Marcus Nilsson

We all know about the traditional Thanksgiving feast, of turkey and mashed potatoes. However, there are some of us with less traditional dishes to serve and enjoy, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less special or meaningful!

Find out what to serve for a Thanksgiving from the East:

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Thanksgiving Mania : Presenting The Deep-Fried Turkey

Photo: Peden & Munk Taylor & Jen via Vogue

Photo: Peden & Munk Taylor & Jen via Vogue

For the un-initiated, the deep-fried Turkey is a Southern invention that has beguiled the rest of the nation, as the perfect twist to a traditional holiday feast!

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6 Ways For A Stress-Free Friendsgiving Dinner

Friendsgiving is an awesome Thanksgiving dinner alternative! Worried about the space or budget to throw a dinner party to replace a traditional feast? We’ve got a few tips on how to make it happen, and with little stress as possible:

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