CrowdTilt is the Ying to Fiestah’s Yang


It’s a familiar story. You’ve got your event dreamed up and arranged from the big ideas (photobooth!) to the smallest detail (cerulean blue not ocean blue!). You’re only missing one element that just happens to be the most important: money.

The person who said money can’t buy happiness never threw a party with hungry and bored guests. That’s where our friends CrowdTilt can help you out. They’re like Kickstarter, but for events funded by your friends. Put in charge of buying all the food and leprechaun gear for St. Patty’s day? They’ve got you covered. Want that party bus to Mardi Gras? They’ve got you covered. They might even throw in some party beads for free (Okay, they won’t. But they’ll still get you there).

Like Fiestah, CrowdTilt works in three easy steps.


CrowdTilt extends the philosophy of “sharing is caring” into money, allowing you and your friends to have your most ambitious experiences yet. All you need is to live in the United States, have a valid U.S. bank account, and you can get started funding events on CrowdTilt as soon as possible. Soon they will expand internationally so that all your friends can get it on the fun of making that group trip or event a possibility.

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