Free Rockin’ Workspace Venues for Startups in NYC?

Starting a young tech company has a lot in common with starting a rock band. Brainstorm sessions are a lot like rehearsal in the garage. Every single person who visits your beta site is like gaining another listen to a single track on your myspace page. Instead of hunting day and night for your next gig, young entrepreneurs scour the city for opportunities to pitch their idea to people outside of their gchat contacts. While bands channel the spirits of influential rock legends for inspiration, startup founders stalk VCs in search of funding. Finally, while bands travel around town living out of their beat up vans, startups too must live somewhere…and that place needs free wifi.

After all, there are three things a startup needs in order to work: coffee, power outlets, and free wifi. At Fiestah, we know how it feels to wander the desert for 40 days and nights searching for a place to host the whole team at the same time. This hunt is crucial to every startup, as team members need a place to charge their batteries…and their laptops. Here is a quick rundown of our favorite spots to meet up and hunker down as a team:

1) Wix Lounge, 10 West 18th Street New York, NY 10011

Wix Lounge, conveniently located in the Flatiron District, takes the top spot as our favorite office-du-jour. It’s free to use and comes with a seemingly endless list of luxurious amenities: wifi, a coffee AND espresso machine, power outlets, fridge, microwave, mugs, bathroom and plenty of couch and table space. Dozens of eager young entrepreneurs set up camp here throughout the day to have quiet conversations with team members or to just chug away at work with headphones on. Wix Lounge can also be used as an event space for startups to throw launch parties and host speakers and meetups…a perfect place for any kind of tech fiestah!

2) Juan Valdez Cafe, 140 E 57th St, NY 10022

Fiestah team adores this cafe. Outlet – check, Fast wifi – check, good coffee – check, clean bathroom – check, not so loud music – check! The cafe is spacious with great lighting and plenty of seating space. We spend hours here with just a cup of coffee

( SIGH* bootstrap startups)!

3) Think Coffee, 248 Mercer St, NY 10012

We lIKE working at this cafe or have meetings here at night. It has a trendier vibe and great for people watching when you need a break from staring at your laptop. It does get crowded though but it is not a long wait to get a table.

4) Table 12, 188 Ave A,  NY 10009

Dont read yelp reviews on this place! It serves the purpose of being a 24 hour work cafe. The servers are really nice and dont mind you spending all nighter here with just a cup of coffee. Their tea selections are amazing but unfortunately eveything else in the menu isn’t as good. There is free outlet, wifi and bright lights. It feels like a mini library.

5) Grounded, 28 Jane St, NY 10014

Our final secret spot is Grounded coffee, tucked away on Jane street in the West Village. This little gem is quaint, cozy, and quiet…perfect for hiding away and staying busy. There are couches, chairs, tables and of course, free wifi. There are outlets along the wall if you’re lucky enough to square away some prime real estate, otherwise just be sure to charge your battery ahead of time so you can enjoy a rewarding few hours of work. This scene is hipster casual, the music creates a warm ambiance at a tasteful volume, and the menu is sure to satisfy anyone’s pallet with a tasty dish. Our pick: Vegan tofu breakfast wrap. This unlikely specialty is hearty enough to fill any hungry stomach, vegan and carnivore alike. After all, who doesn’t like cheese?

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