Katie and Nurul used to be roommates and have travelled to Carnaval in Rio and Recife together! Katie went to University of Illinois and majored in Civil Engineering. She got her start DJing parties during her college days. A drummer in a punk band, Katie’s heart belongs to rock and roll but she loves music of all genres with a special soft spot for the oldies.  She has a propensity for creating eclectic playlists and loves to inject cocktail hours and dinner music with fresh tracks – check out some of her playlists on the blog!

Katie’s favorite aspect of DJing is being able to sense the pulse of an audience and playing a perfectly timed booty shaker that electrifies the dance floor.

When she hears the cry “This is my jam!” it delivers her a joy she can’t properly put into words.

What made you decide to be a wedding DJ? 

My Dad began the business when I was in high school, I started DJing graduation parties on the side and quickly graduated to weddings.  I love to help couples celebrate their special day and nothing makes me happier than getting people to dance!

What is the process to book a wedding DJ currently?

Custom DJs usually gets referrals by word of mouth, but you can also check out our website and fill out our contact form.

How can Fiestah help you and the bride?

Fiestah can help me fill my calendar with dates I don’t already have booked, and it can help a bride find a DJ easily at her desired price point!

Why should other DJs sign up to Fiestah?

I think Fiestah is a great opportunity to provide music for events you wouldn’t find on your own and also to fill the holes in your calendar.

Any fun wedding stories you can share with the readers?

Every one of my weddings I’ve done is fun and memorable in it’s own way. Most recently I performed at a wedding with 3 live bands – I served as the MC and provided music during dinner and during the breaks in between bands – it was a total blast and I danced my butt off!

What do you hope to do in the future?

Expand into more corporate events.

Any advice for Fiestah?

Keep on keeping on Fiestah – it’s a beautiful idea!

Some samples of Katie’s work. View more on her site ( and check out her tumblr at


Thank you, Katie!

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