Soo what is Startup Weekend?

As dozens of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs gather at the offices of General Assembly for Startup Weekend NYC to bring big ideas to life, Fiestah stands humbly aside and watches as its third and largest event to date brings smiles to hungry faces. Nearly 200 of New York’s rising young tech stars are in attendance and are certainly enjoying the 50 boxes of pizza made possible through Fiestah’s system.

We’re happy to be back for the second time at the famous hackathon, no longer as participants but as a company. It was in November at this very event that our co-founders formed the idea for Fiestah and made the right connections to make it all possible. The theme for this weekend is music and gaming. We listened in on some very interesting pitches from representatives from the three talent categories, identified by green shirts for business types, blue shirts for designers, and red for developers. One of the most impressive presenters was 17 years old!

Many strong pitches revolved around social music streaming, frictionless sharing, online game networking, and mobile technology being used at events. We look forward to hearing about the results after the competition and wish the best of luck to all of the teams! Startup Weekend is a nonprofit organization, and has had held 468 events worldwide since its inception. The events help foster creativity in startups and encourage participants to establish connections, meet other talent, and work with a team. Each event lasts 54 hours and has had 45,000 participants to date.

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