NameKhaleelah Porome

Location: Washington DC


Twitter: @kporome

Tell us more about you: In college I majored in chemistry and began doing events for the various organizations I was involved with. Once I graduated I started working for a government agency, where I had to help plan town hall meetings, panels, and outreach style events. I began getting very interested in event planning and decided to get an event planning certification at George Washington University. I began volunteering and learned a ton about how to efficiently plan and execute a successful event. I now work for an ESPN personality full time which I love because I’ve always loved sports. In the meantime I still work with my clients and have steadily picked up more clients through referrals, which have begun helping me brand my skill set nationally. It is my ultimate goal to be on the cover of Fortune and Forbes.

The best part about being an event planner is : Seeing the execution of all the prepping and planning.

The worst part : When everything goes WRONG and when an event runs late.

Why would Fiestah be beneficial for you: It would make it easier for me to track all of my RFPs and vendor quotes.  It would allow it to be easy for me to track vendors I’ve reached out to in the past in one centralized place, especially because I have a variety of clients and having access to documents, and previous emails and such can be difficult 

How do you see Fiestah growing : I see it developing nationally and eventually internationally. Many US based companies have events in places all over the world and this would be a VERY resourceful tool if you aren’t familiar with a different country, the vendors that are there, and the protocol for doing events.

What would you advice someone that wants to be an event planner?  PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY DETAIL! Nothing is impossible, and if you have budgetary constraints be creative. 

Thanks Khaleelah

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