Fiestah Goes to PlannerTech and Leaves with New Friends

The Planner Tech event was tonight at the Heartland Brewery beneath the Empire State Building. The showcase was hosted by Liz King Events and we wanted to emphasize how much we love the way they set up the space. Your friends at Fiestah are major fans of cheesin’ for the camera, so we went straight for the step and repeat red carpet treatment at the first chance we had. The event took up the entire downstairs bar, of which a large portion was dedicated for the attending companies to set up booths to demo their products. After an hour of schmoozing by the bar, hoarding plates of amazing snacks, and networking with the reps from the other companies, they ushered us into the main dining area for the presentations.

Since Fiestah is such an early stage company (4 months), it was cool to meet some of the veterans in the event space and talk to the founders. While everyone we spoke with was interesting, Randall from Kojami was AWESOME. He really understood what Fiestah was about and gave us some cool tips. We were startled for a brief moment when we saw our main competitor for the first time in real life…no blood was shed, we promise. All in all, we had a great time. Hopefully next year we will be successful and be able to demo our site in front of everyone else. Now back to work! 

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