Planning Events with Pinterest: Smart Pointers for Sharp Planners

We know event planning can be crazy. Dealing with hundreds of guests, a slew of caterers, designers, strict venue rules, and picky family members can overwhelm even the most stoic event planning veterans. At the end of the day, event planners of all experience levels need help keeping track of every moving piece and are embracing new alternative methods of staying on track. Pinterest is the latest social media tool smart planners are utilizing in efforts to stay organized…and sane.

For our readers who haven’t heard much about Pinterest yet, think of it as a digital scrapbooking project that you can show to anyone in the world. It works by setting up new projects, or “boards”, and then pinning items you find from around the web to that board. So instead of relying on clipping from your magazine collection to create a scrapbook that stays in your living room, Pinterest allows you to grab images, videos, articles and blog posts from anywhere on the internet and organize them instantly into dynamic spreads of all things you find interesting. You can also upload your own original content or grab items you find on other people’s boards, which is referred to as “repinning”.

So what does this all mean for event planners? Imagine being able to instantly visualize the décor, centerpieces, meals, cake, and floral arrangements in a crisp digital format that organizes itself. Let’s say you know the color scheme and want everything to match to a specific theme. You can browse the internet and the millions of event and party-related pins already on Pinterest, gather every image that fits your vision, and then instantly share your Pinterest board with every important decision maker at once. You can even invite others to post their ideas and contributions to your boards to increase teamwork productivity on the fly by allowing everyone to see and interact with everything all in one place. Share your Pinterest board with all of your hired help to give them insight into your expectations, giving them a strong opportunity to prepare their best work and avoid any confusion or unwelcome surprises.

 The powers of Pinterest don’t stop there. By allowing all guests to view your boards, you’re giving them an exclusive look at all of the wonderful things they can expect from your event. They’ll have an opportunity to coordinate their outfit colors appropriately, see the seating arrangements, even make the big decision to go with the steak over the fish. All of this serves to generate grand anticipation, guaranteeing a strong turnout. Giving your guests a voice is a fun and creative way to generate grand anticipation. Guests can even comment on your pinned images to provide feedback and create a buzz around your event.

How do you use Pinterest to find inspiration and keep yourself organized? Share your favorite Pinterest tricks, as well as a link to your boards, and we’ll graciously follow you! We look forward to seeing your creativity in action!

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