Looking for that “Just Right”: The Search for AC in NYC

Startups are nomads. We jump from one café to another in search for that perfect combination of WiFi, outlets and coffee. A month ago we blogged about our favorite places to work in NYC: Wix Lounge, Juan Valdez Café and Think Coffee. But on Monday there was another element added to the mix–the weather. It was hot and we were desperate for some cool air.

It was like we were Goldilocks looking for that “just right.” First, we went to Table 12 on Avenue A, but the absence of AC left the air too stuffy for us to work. Then, we found a place with large empty tables AND blasting AC, but WiFi and outlets were nowhere to be found. Tired, but not beaten, we retreated to old faithful, a place we knew would have what we wanted, Starbucks. Starbucks was crowded as usual but we found a spot and logged on. The WiFi was slow and impeded our work, so we did what startups do– we thought on our feet and turned one of our phones into a WiFi hotspot.

We decided that the next day we would stick with what we know consistently works: Wix Lounge. They have AC, coffee, WiFi and outlets. As a start up we are constantly learning and adapting, whether it is something major with our product or as simple as finding a cool place to work. And as we grow as a company we will only continue to learn as we search for that “just right.”