Fiestah: Our passion, our life.

We know it’s an ad but that doesn’t make the message less inspiring, especially for us startups. We started Fiestah because we were tired of the corporate world and wanted our work to be synonymous with our passion. Now our site is three weeks from going live and all the months of hard work will be coming into fruition.

“The question you should be asking isn’t, ‘What do I want?’ or ‘What are my goals?’ but ‘What would excite me?’”
— Tim Ferriss

This quote aptly describes what we are accomplishing right now. Creating and building Fiestah excites and rejuvenates us. It’s the reason we can work every day of the week. It is a labor of love. We are proud broadcasters of the startup life because it is non-traditional and passion-fueled.

The question is: What excites you? Are you doing it right now?

It excites us to make the event planning experience easier for merchants and consumers, and we hope it excites you to use our website for your next event. Fiestah is more than an online marketplace. We really care about what we do.

We want to create an environment of passion and spread this passion. Our platform helps freelancers get the exposure they need to be able to compete with established merchants. We are here to level the playing field. So if freelancers can get more work through Fiestah, then they can continue doing what they love, like the people in the video.

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