Summertime Kids Party Themes

Summertime is full of sunshine, festivals and idle kids. With 104 days of summer vacation ahead of you, it may seem daunting to coordinate engaging activities that will keep your children smiling. Parties are not just for birthdays anymore, so take play dates or a slow afternoon to the next level with these great summertime kids party themes.

Bake N’ Eat Party

This is a great way to keep kids occupied. Give each kid their own personal baker station complete with sprinkles, colorful icing options, and candies of all shapes and sizes. You monitor the oven while they get creative with the dough and decorations. Chef’s hat and apron optional. 

Imagination Safari Party  

This is guaranteed to captivate young minds. Hire a face paint artist through Fiestah (or diy if you’re good with paint) and let each kid become an exciting animal character. Teach the kids about the different kinds of animals so that they understand how their particular animal behaves in the wild, where it lives, what it eats and how it takes care of its young. By bringing your kids on an imagination safari, you can teach them how to appreciate the animal kingdom without dragging ten five year olds to the zoo on a sweaty summer day. Decorate your party with animal-themed cakes, rubber or stuffed animals for the table and put up big fake forest tree decorations to complete the set. 

Arts and Crafts Theme Party

 There are enough mess-free products out there for you to give the kids full artistic flexibility while keeping your peace of mind about the state of your kitchen floor. Get shiny fake gems, markers, pipe cleaners, stencils, and stickers to let the kids decorate their own anything. That’s the great thing about arts and crafts, the only impediment is your kids imagination and they never run out of that. Avoid messy activities like spin art or finger paintin and try tie-dying or origami instead.

If you are planning a birthday party or just a fun event, Fiestah can help you out. Use our online marketplace to choose the caterers, djs, photographers or whatever you may need!

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