The Pursuit of Passion: An Interview With Gaia Bagnasacco

Meet Gaia Bagnasacco, owner of the eponymous Gaia Italian Cafe on Houston Street. Gaia Cafe is known for its authenticity and food integrity. We at Fiestah often frequent her cafe to work and eat. We always order the nutella croissant. It is the most genius thing anyone has done with nutella and croissants. We sat down with Gaia during her rare downtime to discuss her life, her cafe and her opinions about Fiestah.

Where are you from?

I’m from Kansas City. I’m joking. I’m from Milan, Italy.

What is your specialty?

My passion is to make and give food with love. I opened Gaia Italian cafe in Febuary of last year. Before I opened the cafe I was a graphic designer, project manager and a magazine writer. I also have a degree in Literature. But after 20 years I got tired of taking orders from people. Food was always a passion in all my family. We spent so much time in the kitchen. So when I came to America I decided to follow my passion. I didn’t go to culinary school, too expensive. I trained with all the traditions. First I became a personal chef for another restaurant to see if people liked my cooking. People liked my cooking so I opened a cafe.

Where do you see the cafe in the future?

My plan is to grow. More cafes in other cities.

What do you think of Fiestah?

Fiestah will be very successful. I don’t know if there is any other website that does this. People need someone to take care of everything because they don’t have the time. It is perfect. In Milan we don’t have delivery, but in America delivery comes first. That’s why it will be successful. It meets the core of people’s needs. When you are organizing a party you don’t know where to go. Fiestah opens up creativity to people because you can have whatever you want. Fiestah is like cooking– a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I want a musician or I want a caterer or whatever.

For example, a girl came in yesterday. She saw Fiestah’s flyer on the counter. I explained  the purpose of Fiestah and she said, “I need to organize a baby shower. I don’t want to lose time so [Fiestah] would be useful. ” I explained the process and she thought it was really good. You see with Fiestah there is this double thing for merchants and [event planners]. Then another girl came in, a singer. I told her that if she needs to sing at a wedding Fiestah would also be useful for her and her fans.

UPDATE: We met with the singer. She is pretty cool! Her name is Danielle Elliott (@tweetsfromdani). Check out her website, tumblr and Facebook page.

Check out the picture of us celebrating Stefanos birthday at Gaia!

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