Tech Your Wedding: Use Storify to Make A Live Wedding Guestbook


Wedding guestbooks are sometimes difficult to read and can fade over time. Ditch the traditional wedding guestbook and use social media to bring your wedding reception to the next level with Storify.

Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social media. By gathering and organizing tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts of your choosing you are able to tell a linear story, something that is useful for weddings. You can assign that social media savvy niece or nephew to manage your Storify. Throughout the night they can organize tweets and photos on your Storify page. When the reception is over you will have a living Internet memory of your special night. So what are you waiting for? Here are some steps to Storify your wedding.

  1. Set up a Facebook page for your wedding. Instructions on how to set up a Facebook page here. You can also set up a Twitter profile for your wedding if you don’t have individual profiles.
  2. Pick a hashtag for the night. A hashtag is a way to tag a tweet that makes it easier to find topics of interest on Twitter. Picking a hashtag makes it easier to find tweets about your wedding. You can use your first names or last name for the hashtag. Ex: #BrianandJoane or #MrandMrsJohnson. Put the hashtag on the wedding invites and display the hashtag prominently at the wedding. (Hint: print the hashtag on place cards and put them on the tables).
  3. Encourage reception-goers to wish you well through tweets and Facebook posts on your Facebook page. People are always on their phones, so this won’t be difficult for them to do,
  4. Encourage reception-goers to take photos of the reception with their phones and upload it to your Facebook page.
  5. Have your social media savvy niece or nephew organize it all in one place on Storify. You can print it off and bind it at your local Kinkos (or get fancy and have it embroidered). Now you have a creative digital and print wedding guestbook that will last a long time!


  • Connect a laptop to a TV and show uploaded tweets and photos as a live feed at the reception. This opens the door for more creativity. You could hold tweet competitions for the best “tweet toast.”
  •  Print, frame and mail parts of your Storify page to wedding guests for an imaginative party favor.

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