How to Throw An Unforgettable Rooftop Party

R. Kelly may have said that “…after the show it’s the (after party) and after the party it’s the (hotel lobby),” but we all know the best parties are rooftop parties. Nothing is better than chilling at a rooftop party on a breezy summer evening. The DJ is playing your favorite song and you and your friends are creating fun summer memories. It would be great if, years from now, when you and your friends are reminiscing about your favorite summer memory, your party would come to mind.We have the tips to make your rooftop party the rooftop party of the summer.

The Logistics

  • Before you can throw a party you need to get the space in order. Clean the area well and make sure you have the proper equipment (outlets and extension cords). There is nothing worse than a party that doesn’t have the proper equipment. A DJ without electricity is just a crazy person spinning discs.
  • Parties start to suck when the food sucks or runs out. Cupcakes, chips with a side of guac and mini burgers make great party food. Stock up on enough food and drinks to last throughout the night.
  • The best time to throw a rooftop party is at night. Nothing is worse than having an event where people are sweating and ducking inside to escape the heat. A night rooftop party is great, because the weather is cool and the sun set provides the perfect backdrop for the party.


Let’s face it. Themes make or break a party. The right theme will bring people together and the wrong theme will make everything awkward. Here are some distinctive rooftop party theme ideas to get people riled up for your party.

  • Hipster Theme Party– Whether you are a hipster or so underground that you are an anti-hipster, a hipster-themed party is one theme people will be able to commit to with little effort. Knit caps? Check. Fake glasses? Check. Flannel shirts? Check. That’s all people will need to be decked out for your party. They can even buy some ironic mustaches at Urban Outfitters a.k.a. the commercial source for all hipsterdom.

  • 90’s Theme Party– You can never go wrong with a 90’s party. Nostalgia for the times when Hey Arnold was on and your biggest problem was trying to memorize all the lines of the Fresh Prince theme rap are at an all time cultural high. The possibilities are endless for this theme. The style can range from Topanga from Boy Meets World to Steve Urkel from Family Matters (and everything in between). You can have boomboxes blasting, ring pops on every finger and everyone dancing “The Macarena.”

  • Niche Theme Party– Can you and your group of friends quote almost every line from The Wire, Mad Men or Breaking Bad? People have more fun when they can share their cultural obsessions with like-minded people. Gather all your friends that share the same adoration for a TV show, movie or comic book and go crazy. It would be like your own comic con, but on a roof.

We Can Help

You don’t think we would give you tips on throwing a kick’ass rooftop party without mentioning the simplest party planning tool out there today a.k.a. Fiestah? We know that you don’t have a lot of time to manage all the details that make an epic rooftop party. Fiestah can take care of the food, the DJ, the photographer, basically anything you need to pull off the best rooftop party of the summer. With all the extra time you will have from not having to spend hours combing through listing sites, you can focus on what really matters, like perfecting the Macarena.

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