Planning Your Own Olympic Party

You’ve got the flat screen TV, the space and nationalistic pride– all the things you need to throw an Olympic party for the opening ceremony on July 27th. But why not go all out?  Instead of stale chips and awkward silences during commercials, throw an Olympic party to remember that will make even Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s star-studded Olympic Party look like a Junior High dance. Err, maybe we are going overboard with that one, but the point is the Olympics is another reason to have an amazing party. And who needs a reason to throw a party anyways?


Here at Fiestah we are a big believer in themes. Themes help you generate ideas for food, drinks and decorations. Thankfully, the Olympics spawns many sub-themes for you to take advantage of.

  • Countries–Decide if you want your theme to be USA-themed or multi-national. This is solely based on your guests. Our Fiestah team has people from many countries so, if we were doing an Olympic party, we would be multi-national.
  • Athletes–Tell your guests to come dressed as their favorite athlete.  This will be pretty easy for your guests to pull off. All they need is a speedo to come as Michael Phelps and a yellow track top, green shorts and a big ego to be Usain Bolt. They could even go vintage and come as Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens or Nadia Comaneci.
  • Plan themes around Olympic events–The great thing about the Olympics are the endless events, so not only is there always something on TV, but there are various sports events to plan your party around.


Games are necessary to avoid that awkward silence during the commercial breaks. We have some unique game ideas to keep your party guests entertained.

  • Games based on countries–Instead of pin the tail on the donkey or board games, you can play Olympic-themed games. For example, you could have a game of limbo in honor of Jamaica.
  • Have a friendly Olympic-themed backyard race–This takes some pre-planning to organize if you have a cramped apartment without a roof space or backyard, but it can be a lot of fun if your guests are competitive. Different guests can represent different countries and you can use cones to create lanes.  If you want to have a race inside your apartment, move everything out of the way (like expensive things that can break when knocked over), so no one risks injury.
  • Ring tossing–We know it’s a corny game, but we couldn’t resist (Olympic rings, ring tossing, get it?). This game is surprisingly fun when you have eager participants and a plastic indoor ring toss set won’t cost more than 10 dollars at your nearest Kmart. The best part of this game is that it is commercial friendly because participants don’t have to get out of their seats to play it.


Food and decorations depend on your chosen theme.

  • Food–This great website gives you menu ideas based on different countries.
  • Decorations–Olympic rings, torches and flags are great for any Olympic-themed party. You can use cardboard paper to create the Olympic rings, tiki party decorations for the torches and you can buy flags almost anywhere. You can also have cardboard cutouts of your favorite Olympians positioned in various places. Just don’t put them by the front door, unless you want to scare people.

Hipster Olympics

If the Olympics are too mainstream for you, you can always organize your own Hipster Olympics. What is the Hipster Olympics, you ask? It is an annual event in its second year in Berlin, Germany. It has events like the skinny jeans tug-of-war, a vinyl- record-spinning contest and glitter tossing. Throwing your own Hipster Olympics party is a nice deviation from the round-the-clock Olympics coverage. It could even turn into a fun tradition for you and your friends.

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