An Interview With Wix Lounge’s Ashley Gallman Williams

We have mentioned more than once how much we love pounding out ideas on our laptops at the creative working space Wix Lounge on 18th St. The great thing about Wix Lounge  is all the cool people we get to interact with when we work there. And there is always an event or workshop being held there, which provides even more opportunities for networking. Ashley Gallman Williams is one of the backbones of Wix Lounge. She makes sure events run smoothly and helps foster creative connections. We sat down with her to learn more about her job and Wix Lounge in general.

Ashley is the Client Relations and Events Manager for Wix Lounge. In addition to managing the various events held there, she acts as a liaison between creatives and entrepreneurs working at Wix Lounge.

“I am always surprised who leads me to who. We [at Wix Lounge] also like to help with those connections. People who work here start talking to each other and develop relationships. For example, we connected the Marketing Director of Anvil Knitwear to a startup called Ethikus. Ethikus helps NYC consumers connect with ethical and sustainable businesses and Anvil Knitwear gave out the t-shirts as a part of their shop your values week,” said Ashley.

Before Wix Lounge, Ashley worked for a gallery in the Upper East Side. She liked her job, but wanted to help creative people. Her first interaction with Wix Lounge was when she organized an arts non-profit exhibition there. She saw what they were doing and thought it was a great opportunity.

“The amazing thing about this job is I get to help people do amazing things. The lounge functions to promote The same people who need a work space also need a website. Wix Lounge is a really great way for Wix to give back to the community. It is free to have an event at the Wix Lounge. Our currency isn’t money, it’s promotion,” said Ashley.

Ashley has helped the Fiestah team connect with numerous other startups. She serves as an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs who use Wix Lounge as a creative and professional space. Since she is the Event Manager for Wix Lounge, we wanted to know what she thinks of Fiestah.

“People ask me all the time about vendor suggestions. They ask me if I can recommend a good DJ in a good price range. Normally, I just list off some random djs and hope it works out. But now I can lead them to Fiestah. It’s a great resource,” said Ashley.

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