How to Plan An Amazing Summer Office Party

Summer is almost over and you and your co-workers have been hopelessly watching the sun shine from your cubicles these past couple months. Your boss has finally realized that a summer office party is a great way to boost morale and camaraderie and you have been chosen to organize it. Never organized an office party before? Don’t worry, unlike winter office parties, the summertime is full of activities and venues to choose from. We have some great tips on how to make it a party that will make summer last a litte bit longer.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…–Before you plan ANYTHING you need to confirm with your boss the budget, the scale of the party and if families can attend.

Have a picnic in the park–Picnics and park celebrations are not just for Memorial Day and Quinceañeras. Suggest to your boss to make Friday a half day and have everyone meet at the park nearest to the office. People will be more likely to bring food for the picnic when they know they are getting the afternoon off. If your office is not near a park, you can have a rooftop party. This way you are still enjoying the summer breeze. Read our recent blog post for tips on how to throw an unforgettable rooftop party.

Crowdsource using the office chat system– There is nothing worse than an office party that is out of step with everyone’s taste in music and food. Use the company email or office chat system to put out a poll on what food and drinks everyone wants and/or are allergic to and what music they want to listen to. This way everyone is happy. If you are using the potluck system, this helps to decide what food people should bring. Tip: If you are not using the potluck system, serve only appetizers and hors d’oeuvres to save money.

Planning the entertainment–If you have the budget, book a live band or DJ for the party. Have a carnival theme complete with a cotton candy machine and face painting if employees are bringing their kids. Have a raffle where people can win work incentives like free meals in the office cafeteria for a week or a paid vacation weekend. Who knows? Everyone might have so much fun that they won’t want the party to end. Choose a place beforehand where everyone can meet and get drinks after the party.

We can help–You don’t think we would give you tips on throwing an office party without mentioning the simplest party planning tool out there today a.k.a. Fiestah? We know that you don’t have a lot of time to manage all the details that make a good office party. Fiestah can take care of the food, the DJ, basically anything you need to pull off a great summer office party. With all the extra time you will have from not having to spend hours combing through listing sites, you can focus on what really matters, like getting the raffle ticket that has that paid vacation weekend.

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