Delectable Desserts for Your Next Party

On our blog we have given you tips on how to throw a rooftop party, an Olympics party and a summer office party, but sometimes people need help with the little intricacies of party planning, like DESSERTS. The right food often makes or breaks a party and dessert is no exception. Here are some great dessert ideas for your next party. We focused on small desserts, because cakes are a whole different beast.

Confetti Desserts--great party websiteW

Confetti and parties just go together, because confetti is the ultimate signifier of a good time. Why not bring that party vibe to your desserts?

great mini desserts for kids' party

Shot glasses are not just for your next girls’ night out! Use them to house dessert parfaits for your kid’s birthday party or a bachelorette party.

Party Frosting: Desserts

The key to a great dessert is the presentation. With frosting the sky is really the limit. You can use frosting to create multicolored stripes or use it to make Ryan Gosling cookies.

Graduation Party desserts

This dessert is not only easy to make, it’s also an adorable idea for a graduation party.  All you need are Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures, chocolate wafers and M&M’s. Then, just use some yellow frosting to make the tassels and voila!

Baseball Party -- desserts.

Baseball season is five months long, so you might as well squeeze some baseball-themed parties out of it. A baseball has a simple design that is easy to copy and use for cupcakes, cookies, strawberries and cakes!

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