How to tell your event photographer what you want

A great person once said that an event is only as good as its pictures. O.K. We just made that up, but it is still sound advice. Whether your event photographer is an amateur or a pro, ask your event photographer these questions so you get the best pictures you want for your event.

Do you want your photographer to be a fly on the wall or actively engaged with your guests? It depends on your event. If it is a launch party or a laid-back office party, you might want your photographer to be more involved. They can be used to liven up the party. But, if your event is more formal, an out of sight photographer is best.

What specific shots do you want? Close ups or group shots?  Specific people, food pics, etc. This is a key question, especially if you have an amateur photographer. Make sure you point out the people you must get photos of for your event (VIPs and honored guests). Pictures of the decorations and food are also a great way to show off your event and establish the context of the event, so remind your photographer to get pictures of them as well.

How many shots do you want? 100 shots? 300 shots? Whatever the number, make sure it is enough for you to have a substantial amount of good pictures while discarding the pictures you don’t want.

Do you have a specific story you want told? Knowing what story you want told will give your photographer a clear direction, leaving you a happy customer.

Flash or no flash? Having a blinding flash close to their faces can make your guests uneasy, but sometimes, depending on the lighting, flash allows for the pictures you want. A good rule is to have your photographer  use flash on group shots and no flash on their close-ups. A seasoned event photographer will know how to have discretion when it comes to using flash, but it is still good to make this clear whether your photographer is an amateur or pro.

Budgeting tip: Can’t afford an event photographer? Have all your guests take pics with their phones and upload it to your event’s Facebook page or make sure to have a hashtag for them to tweet their pics to.

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