Make It Work: How to Host A Fashion Week Viewing Party

“NYC: Tolerant of your beliefs, judgmental of your shoes.” Seen on a Manhattan Mini Storage ad. Since fashion is intrinsic to New York’s identity, it is no wonder that one of the biggest events of the year is New York Fashion Week (NYFW), where top designers reveal their new collections to the world. NYFW is a semi-annual event that is one of four major fashion weeks held internationally (the other fashion weeks are in Paris, London and Milan).

It’s kind of like the four grand slams in tennis, except with crazy capes  and shoes that make models’ feet bleed. This year’s fashion week is held September 6 through September 13th.  The front rows by the runways of these fashion shows are filled with celebrities and high profilers of the fashion world. So, unless you are pals with Anna Wintour, Kanye West or a teenager with a widely respected fashion blog, chances are you aren’t going. That’s where we come in! Here are some tips on hosting a NYFW viewing party that is as glamorous and outrageous as the event itself.

The Content–It’s not a viewing party if you don’t have anything to watch! Luckily, there is live streaming on Youtube and The Style Network. Decide now which shows on which days are important to you and your guests. Last night’s retail-boosting Fashion’s Night Out kicked everything off, so there is no time to waste. Here is a complete schedule for Fashion Week.

The Theme–We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t the theme “Fashion?” Yes, it is. But fashion is art and opens up the doors to creativity. You can have you and your guests dress in only clothes from your favorite designers and top designers from this year, or go crazy and watch the shows fully dressed in Marie Antoinette garb complete with tea and pound cake. You could even dress like designers who wear only one signature outfit all the time like Michael Kors or Karl Lagerfeld.

The Food–Fashion doesn’t seem to believe in food, but that doesn’t mean you have to starve in the name of fashion for your viewing party. Take inspiration from this beef jerky Chanel bag and these bedtime bread slippers. Remember, in fashion, the more outrageous, the better.

It’s like our friend and fashion expert Colie Cassidy says,”[Fashion] begins the moment posters are up weeks prior, others may say it is every day of the year. There is nothing better than seeing people unite and express their own sense of individual style!”

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