How to Throw A No-Sweat Football Party

Dust off your jerseys and foam fingers because football season is here! Few things bond your friends and family together more like a party in celebration of your favorite college or NFL teams. We have the tips to make your party an event to start the football season right.

Food: The great thing about football is that snacks are the go to food. Nobody wants to be slicing open a pot roast when they are watching their team run toward the goal line. So keep it simple with the snack staples: popcorn, dip, chips, cookies, wings and peanuts are great options. There is also the great tradition of grilling out on game days. You can get really creative by having burgers, hot dogs, and giant turkey legs. If you want to get even more creative while keeping to the finger food rule, here are some great recipes. Make sure to find out if any of your guests have food allergies.

Refreshments: Beer is the go-to choice for football games but, try to keep all your guests in mind. Your choice of refreshments may vary depending on your guests. If your whole family (kids included) is watching a game at your house, then it is a good idea to have root beer, juice and soda available as well. Buy beverages in bulk at Costco or Target to save money. If you are feeling adventurous and confident in your mixing ability, there are many football-themed drinks you can prepare.

Games: It’s always fun to have games when there is a lull in the football game or during halftime. If you have the space, you and your guests can play the classic touch football game or Football 500.  A great game to play is the Halftime Guessing Game where, before the start of the game, you pass out a questionnaire to your guests about what will happen during the halftime show. Some questions you can ask are: “Which team will be in the lead at halftime?” or “How many beer commercials will air during the game?” The player with the most right answers wins a prize.

Decorations: We always say that decorations make or break a party, and a football party is no exception. Have paper plates and napkins in your favorite team colors and use astroturf as a table cloth to create a fun football atmosphere. Go  to any party store for football-themed dishes to serve your food in. Make a big banner with your favorite team’s name on it. Have streamers and foam fingers ready for your guests. This will encourage to really get in the team spirit.

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  1. Parker says:

    Thanks for the awesome ideas! They’ll be perfect for the football party my wife and I are having for all my friends and coworkers at DISH. My favorite of your suggestions so far is to plan games and activities, especially for the kids coming over. As far as the football action is concerned, we’ll try and have more than one game going. I did this last year to great acclaim, and this year, now that I have the Hopper, it will be even easier. It has three tuners, which will allow me to watch three different games, live, on three separate TVs at the same time. Last year I could only do two, and it was pain getting it set up, let me tell you! Our guests support a huge variety of teams, and we wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to see their squad in action.

  2. Parker says:

    Thanks! It worked out perfectly, and your tip on having giant turkey legs was a hit! Thanks again!

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