Planning An Awesome Office Halloween Party

Silly grown-ups, Halloween is for kids  everyone! Here at Fiestah we believe in keeping the inner child alive and a Halloween party  is a great way to inject some fun into your work week. So call on your office party planning committee and bust out your costumes, because we are going to show you how to plan an amazing Halloween office party!

Themes–Forget witches or vampires and dare to be original or, at the least, more relevant. This year there were more superhero movies than we could count, making it a great candidate for a theme. Everyone could be divided into groups, according to each movie. Some people could show up as The Avengers and others as the characters from The Dark Night. Or you could do the different Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter. (Hufflepuffs for life!) Just make sure to choose a theme that accommodates everyone’s budget and time. You never want to leave anyone out.

Music–If it were our office party, we would have the “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” on repeat and full blast, but that could get to be too much for your party. The best thing for your party would be to take an office poll. That way no one can blame you or your party planning committee if the music sucks, because they chose it. Don’t forget to book your DJ on Fiestah!

Games–Have a costume competition to get people excited for the party and so that they get creative with their costume. If no one is excited for the party, it won’t go well. So have good incentives for the giveaway. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be something people would want. Good games are bobbing for apples, drinking games or carving pumpkins.

Food–Finger food should suffice. The great thing about Halloween is that you can make any food spooky. Pigs in a blanket become mummies and cut up twizzlers and oreos become spiders. Here and here are some recipe ideas to help inspire your menu. And don’t forget the candy!

Decorations–Jack O’Lanterns, Halloween colored decorating lights and streamers are good decorations. You can create different stations at the party for appetizers, drinks and desserts.  Dry ice goes a long way to making your punch or jungle juice a Halloween hit.

Preparation is key, so start planning and sending invites from now. Planning in advance also gives people time to design and buy their costumes.

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