Startup Weekend At the Alley

On September 21-23 Startup Weekend hosted another great event at the Alley. Here at Fiestah we love Startup Weekend. We even blogged about how excited we were about servicing our first event at Startup Weekend.  The year before we participated at Startup Weekend as a company and, since then, we have participated as a service provider. This time Fiestah vendor Comme Ci, Comme Ca provided food much to everyone’s satisfaction. We know what you are thinking, “Sooo, what exactly is startup weekend???”

(Comme Ci, Comme Ca serving food at Startup Weekend)

Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization that assembles the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs. They organized 400  events in 100 countries around the world in 2011. At Startup Weekend anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and get feedback. Teams form around the top ideas, culminating in a 54 hours of business model creation, designing and coding. And at the end of the weekend the teams present in front of local entrepreneur leaders for feedback. This past weekend the winners were (from first place to third place) You’d Like This, HomeSafe and AirMaid. You’d Like This helps you recommend awesome products to friends for rewards. Looking at their website, their concept seems simple and effective. Who doesn’t want to get rewarded for something they already do on Facebook? AirMaid is a promising service that helps make sure everything is taken care of when you use your apartment or home for Airbnb. We know a couple people (including us!) who could use that service. Congratulations to everyone that won and those who participated.

Along with the networking opportunities and idea creation, Startup Weekend is a ton of fun. And it is an event we always look forward to being a part of. See you guys there next time!
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