How to Dress for A Networking Event

You RSVP’d for a networking event, but the invitation doesn’t specify how to dress for the event. Don’t fret! We know that each event or party is an opportunity to make a fashion statement. We know you want your individual style to reflect the energy of each event, but sometimes you don’t have enough time to plan inventive outfits. That’s where we come in! Here is the official Fiestah guide to dressing for any networking event or party!

In a networking event, every encounter counts and what you’re wearing should impress. The key is to appear professional while showing off your individual personality. You want to stand out, after all!

  •  Make sure your clothes match the event. If it is a networking event for creative fields, don’t be afraid to wear bright colors or wear a funky hat.
  • If the event is business-oriented wear muted colors and, if you are a woman, don’t overdo the makeup. Makeup should enhance your features, not overshadow them.
  • Don’t overuse the cologne or perfume. No one wants to smell you before they meet you.
  • Depending on the message you want to send, guys can wear an Oxford shirt with black slacks or get decked out in a suit.

For more tips on dressing for a networking event, read here.

And remember, fashion is a reflection of who you are. So, no matter the event, make sure you stay true to your personality and your style. If you are not comfortable in what you’re wearing, it will show.

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