Fiestah’s Guide to Housewarming Gifts

Of all the parties out there house warming parties (or apartment warming for us New Yorkers) have the most opportunity for awkwardness and confusion. At its best a house warming party is a way for people to welcome their close friends and family into the next stage of their life (and snag some gifts). At its worst a house warming party is just people touring different rooms, listening to inane stories about the house hunting process and giving and receiving boring gifts that will be thrown away at the end of the night.  Buying a house warming gift is a tricky situation. You want to get them something for their new house or apartment that they will like and it has to be something that they don’t already have. Unless you have friends that will just tell you what they want, you will end up buying the IKEA cutlery set that three other people already bought them. We are here to help.

The toaster/egg-cooker/bacon frier–This is a great gift if your friend is a recent college grad moving into their new apartment, has a small place or just has no time for breakfast. Every time they are eating their speedily made breakfast, they will think of how you were thinking of them. While you are at it, why not buy one for yourself?

Embroidered Kanye West tweetsThese are for the hosts that know every line from Graduation to Watch the Throne or they are hipsters and like Kanye ironically. Maybe they just know Kanye as the guy who made Taylor Swift cry. Either way, they will always remember you as the person who gave them Kanye’s embroidered tweets.  A twist on traditional home furnishings, these embroidered tweets will keep the hosts laughing. With gems such as “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts” or “Set off the metal detectors with the swag,” this gist will also makes a great conversation piece for the party.

Money soap–This is a great gift for your germ-conscious friend who worries over people not washing their hands when they come over. Not only does this soap give people an incentive to wash their hands (or use a knife to get to the money), but it is also a gift your friend will be talking about for a long time.

A Home-Cooked Meal–Buying/Renting and moving into a new place is time-consuming. At the housewarming party, expect to see cartons of ramen noodles in the trash, because your host has had no time to even think of cooking. Cook their favorite dish and wrap it for the freezer. It is a simple gesture that will show how much you care.

Picture Hanging Kit–We have all been there. You are all moved in and the last thing you need to do is hang your pictures. A new place makes hangin pictures difficult because there are new things to consider that you didn’t have to consider in your last house. Take the last-minute stress away from your host and give them a kit that includes multiple sizes of hangers, nails and a stud-detector.

Did you have any house warming gift ideas? Mention them in the comments.

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