How to Be A Good Party Host

Maybe you decided to throw a surprise birthday party or you were appointed the official organizer and host of the next office party. Whatever the reason, this is your first time as a host and you want to make sure you get it right. Hosting a party is a big responsibility and it can be very stressful if you let it. Here are some tips on being a good party host.

Prepare–Give yourself enough time to prepare to lessen the stress. During this time you can decide what kind of party you are having. Ask yourself helpful questions. Buffet or finger food? Theme or no theme? What kind of party favors? Catering or potluck? Sit-down party or one with room to walk and mingle? This is also a good time to decide what your plans are if and when your worst case scenario happens.

Invitations–Make sure the invitation fits the party. For more informal parties, e-vites will do. If you have the budget and the party calls for it, spring for hand-pressed invitations. They give that special touch that more formal parties need.

Pay special attention to first impressions–That means seeing the party’s entryway and your outfit through your guests’ eyes. The first impression sets the tone for the whole party for your guests. If your party has it, make sure the walkway is well lit. Clean up the area, whether it is a lobby, foyer or stairs. Decorate if you think it will help set the right mood. The same goes for your outfit. You are the first thing your guests see. Make sure your outfit isn’t louder than the party but stylish enough to make you stand out as the host.

Mingle mingle mingle–Your job as a host doesn’t stop at planning. Be involved. If a guest is shy and has been drinking in the corner all alone all night, introduce them to the couple that loves to talk or the group of friends that tell fascinating adventure stories.

Enjoy!–It’s a party, so that means you should have fun. Don’t get too caught up in the intricacies of hosting that you forget to enjoy it. When you are relaxed and having a good time, your guests will follow suit.

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