4th of July, Labor Day, and Weekend BBQs Done Right


Summer, it’s pretty awesome. There are abundant festivals, free concerts, those oh oh summer nights, and the parties fiestahs. This season has two major highlights for the fervent party planner: July 4th and Labor Day while the rest of the summer can be filled with weekend BBQs. All three require extensive planning and preparation. Or do they? If thinking about all the planning is causing you to hyperventilate, don’t worry. We’ve got your back and we know what you’re thinking: tell me more, tell me more!

4th of July


Simple and Budget Friendly:

  • Give yourself a break for your 4th of July party and delegate. Ask your guests to bring side dishes and drinks, while you provide the rest.
  • Us evite.com or punchbowl.com to send free email invitations and keep track of your guest list.
  • Set up a crafting station at your 4th of July party where kids will be blissfully occupied while you adults can relax and enjoy the fireworks.

Super Party Planner

  • Your town doesn’t have an official 4th of July parade? No worries! Organize one of your own. Have kids bring their bicycles and wagons. Supply decorations so that kids can “pimp their ride” 4th of July style. We got this tip from this site.

Labor Day

Simple and Budget Friendly

Have a relaxed day filled with casual games like volleyball, tag football or tug of war. Instead of buying new equipment for games, ask people to bring games you don’t have or be inventive with a diy voleyball net or diy tag football.

Super Party Planner


  • For a fun filled evening, hire a local photobooth for entertainment.
  • Plan a neighborhood block party. You’ll get to know your neighbor and it’s a great way to end the summer with a bang.
  • Organize a dance party around a theme. You can be traditional and ask guests to wear all white (since you can’t wear white after Labor Day) or hop on the latest trend and adhere to a Great Gatsby theme.

Weekend BBQ’s

Basting tasty ribs on the barbeque.

Simple and Budget Friendly

BBQ Cook Off: Pull out your George Foreman grill and ask your friends to bring their small grills too. Set up the grill on your roof (if you have one) or in a nearby park. Share a Google Doc with your invite list so everyone knows who is bringing the different kinds of meats and utensils. Ask people to BYOB to keep costs down.

Super Party Planner

Extreme BBQ Cook Off: Reserve a grill-friendly park in advance and have fellow grillers pitch in $10 for the “grand prize.” Have three of your hungriest friends as the judges. How the food is judged and the number of rounds is up to you. Make sure that you have games to keep non-grillers and kids occupied while you and your fellow grillmasters show off your chops.

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