Taking Your Rooftop Party to the Next Level


Last year we showed you how to make your rooftop party unforgettable. This year we’re going to take everything to the next level (not to the level of Project X, more like the level of House Party). In our previous post we delved into the logistics and theme ideas to get you started. But this time the kiddie gloves are coming off. We’re going to help you throw a rooftop party so chic that even if you don’t live in Williamsburg, the Times will be compelled to write a trend story on your party. After making sure you have enough food and drinks, decorating your roof according to your chosen theme and scheduling your party for the late afternoon (so that you can see the sunset and escape the heat), you can finally get to the good stuff of the party planning — the details.

Be More Like Solange

Solange has gorgeous fans. No, we’re serious. Check out this link before you read any further. Are you done? Good. Solange’s fans are so fantastically fabulous because Solange’s  fashion is as important to her brand as her music. To be very corny, fashion is how she expresses her individuality as an artist and a person (Can you blame her? Her sister is Beyonce for Pete’s sake!), and so she attracts like-minded people – her fans. Channel your inner Solange and sync your guests to your party’s visual aesthetic. Weeks before the party, send invites/evites entailing a specific dress code. And for the walk-ins, have some extra gear on hand (like a sweet tank top).

No Entertainment, No Problem

Pull a Kanye and use a projector to display your favorite concert and/or music video. For extra fun hook up an ipad or video camera to the projector, so that your guests can make a video message or screw around.

Themes Don’t End End With Decorations

People love free stuff, no matter how crappy it is. Fortunately, you plan parties like a boss and put as much thought into your goodie bags as you put into your menu.

Mad Men: flasks and the best scotch you’ll ever taste.

Great Gatsby: bow ties and flapper hats.

Punk Rock: personalized mixtape and diy jacket kit.

My little Pony (for the Bronies): My Little Pony poster and a disk with this music video burned on it.

Make Everyone the Photographer

Borrow your weird uncle’s old Polaroid camera and have your guests take turns being the photographer. The novelty of the instant picture is still exciting and your guests will enjoy the break from hashtags and “likes.” Make sure to have a board or mirror handy, so that people can post (the non-digital version) their pictures for the entire party to see. Turn the pictures into a party activity by holding a caption contest. The funniest caption wins a grand prize.

Fiestah’s Got You Covered

As always, Fiestah will help you in your time of need. Sometimes you don’t have the time to screen the bartender/mixologist or spend hours at a local bakery detailing your perfect themed dessert to the staff. That’s where we come in. You know the drill, we get our curated vendors bidding to work for you. 😉


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