Theme Party Ideas: Game of Thrones


So it’s your turn to throw an event for the office or your friends and you’re scrambling to make this one The Best Party Ever. Kick it up a notch and show your guests a really good time by transporting them into another world! Unfortunately since we don’t have a time machine on hand, look no further than your favorite TV shows and movies of the past year!

Many people shy away from the idea of theme parties, because let’s face it, it looks like a lot of work. This is why we’re here to tell you that with the right preparations, the right attitude and a little attention to the details, your party might just be the one that takes the cake. For this week’s edition, we’ve chosen Game of Thrones!

The Invite

Don’t have a raven or actual paper scroll? No problem! Make your own out of tea. Get fancy by placing a black feather with your invite. Tell your guests they missed the raven!


You don’t need to repaint the living room walls or put up Styrofoam padding to conjure the “Game of Thrones” setting (which will cost an arm, or heart, forgive the pun!). Try using candles to set the mood instead. Candles are inexpensive, but can definitely change the look and feel of the party area. Want to get fancy? Blow up a map of Westeros and put it up on the wall. Don’t forget to put the 8tracks  “Game of Thrones” soundtrack on. Music is often the best way to create the atmosphere you want and you can’t go wrong with medieval tunes for this party. (Just don’t remind anybody about the ‘Red Wedding’ during “The Rains of Castemere”.) For an authentic “Game of Thrones” feel, use long tables for guests to sit at or to plot the takeover of King’s Landing!

Dress Code

The best part of themed parties is seeing what your guests show up in. You don’t need to intimidate guests by making them wear proper “Game of Thrones” costumes, renting will be expensive and the armor will be heavy (and how many of your male friends like the idea of tights?). Instead, get your guests to come in tunics and flowy dresses as their dress code. For those who have none of the above? Get them to come in crowns or rustic headpieces! Easily available at your nearest party store, or a garden!

Try this site for more ideas on outfits similar to your favorite characters!

Modern twist on a medieval outfit

Modern twist on a medieval outfit

The Menu

Think lots of meat. Try making a centerpiece dish such as honeyed chicken. Sides can include bread, figs, crackers and of course, cheese. For dessert, try sweet pies and fruit tarts. Want to serve Arya Stark’s favorite? Try lemon cakes! Use wooden cutting boards as plates for your scrumptious feast! Place the food on the table and get your guests to dig in, without utensils. How’s that for an authentic “Game of Thrones” experience? Now for the drinks, you’ll need red wine and beer. Lots of it. Want to step it up? Try making The Old Bear’s hot spiced wine, as suggested by Chelsea Monroe Cassel, author of the e-book “Party Like a Lannister” and co-author of the official “Game of Thrones” cookbook. (You read right. Their own cookbook!)


To keep things interesting, group your guests randomly under the popular houses of “Game of Thrones” which include the House of Stark, Tyrell, Targaryen, Baratheon, Greyjoy and Lannister. Print out stickers of the sigils of the houses for identification, so your guests will know who to partner with when it’s time for the Games to Begin. Check out HBO’s Join the Realm, which can generate your guests’ own family arms, and will appear on their Facebook profiles. Otherwise, you can use this website to print the stickers of the arms from the show. Play the “Game of Thrones” trivia game, to test your guests’ knowledge. The winner will win bragging rights! Get your questions here. Play a drinking game as your guests watch episodes of “Game of Thrones”! Drink up for every time Joffrey gets on everybody’s nerves. Or, ‘Hodor’!

At the end of the night remind your guests to sheath their sword and empty their chalice. Fair thee well in your party endeavors.

And don’t forget to use Fiestah to get your menu together and all of your special decor elements for the event!

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