Theme Party Ideas: The Great Gatsby

Old and new Gatsby lovers alike will agree, in Gatsby’s world, ‘a little party never killed nobody.’ The Jazz Age screams indulgence and opulence beyond compare; there just might be a way to do it like Gatsby, but with a much smaller budget.

The Invite

  • Once again, Pingg has designs to suit your every need! The Gatsby Soiree design is just the bee’s knees.
  • For those of you who want to personalize their invitation, write out your invite on a thick card in gold ink and send them to your friends via snail mail. Remember, not just anyone gets invited to Gatsby’s weekend extravaganzas! A handwritten note will surely let your friends know how special they are.


Gatsby’s mansion was inspired by a French château-style mansion in New York, fortunately you can still set the mood without renting such a venue.

Gatsby table setting

  • Flowers such as potted orchids, red roses, and blossoms can be used to brighten the room and serve as an attractive table center piece. Dark colored feathers can be used as well. Pair the feathers with small candles, and gorgeous flowers such as white gardenias and gladiolus.
  • Purchase helium balloons (in solid colors such as black and white) to mimic Gatsby’s weekend parties in Lurhmann’s adaptation. To make your clean up easier after, send your guests home with the balloons as a great party favor and a reminder of their fabulous night!
  • Fairy lights around the party area would give a Twenties feel, as stringed lights were very popular then. Plus, the warm glow adds a romantic feel to your party!
  • When setting the table, use solid colors for your tablecloth. Go with classics such as black or red. If you don’t have dinnerware in gold trimmings, keep it simple with white plates and clear glasses. Place gold-colored napkins on your plates to make dinnerware pop!
  • Remember to crank up the music! Start slow, with jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and other popular artists from that era. When the party really starts to swing, put on the  “Great Gatsby” soundtrack for a fusion of jazz and house music.

Dress Code

Tell your guests to get dolled up and come in their best getup because no party of Gatsby’s is complete without glamorous attire.

  • For those who cannot pull off DiCaprio’s all pink attire from the movie, choose crisp suits or casual fitted pants, cozy sweater or even a shawl collar cardigan. This will definitely give you a clean, dapper look.
  • For the ladies, anything that sparkles will work! Metallic hues such as gold, bronze and silver with added rhinestones and sequins on any part of your outfit will provide the extra bit of pizzazz! Don’t forget to look for shift dresses and straight cuts, for the flapper effect. Lace and fringes are most definitely welcomed!
  • If all else fails, pile on the long pearl or beaded necklaces, put deep red matte lipstick on and you’re ready!

The Menu

A “Great Gatsby” inspired party should be heavy with drinks, but that doesn’t mean food should be left behind!

Food picstich
  • As a starter, small plates such as cheese croquettes, stuffed mushrooms, or individual mini servings of Caesar Salad will keep your guests satisfied until they indulge in the main course.
  • Feeling generous? Serve oysters! Mussels and cockles serve as a great alternative as well.
  •  To stay true to the book, try the spiced glazed ham or a beef filet with potatoes as your main course.
  • Gatsby managed to get twelve of Daisy’s favorite lemon cakes before she came for tea. Woo your guests with the classic lemon bundt cake, or if you’d like to take a modern route, try Ina Garten’s fabulous lemon yogurt cake.
  • Allow your guests to take a break from the Charleston dance and quench their thirst with a mint julep or blackberry-gin fizz.
  • What’s a Gatsby party without champagne? While Gatsby was able to afford crates of the finest bubbly, dial it down for your pockets with Prosecco instead. By the end of the night, we promise your guests won’t be able to tell the difference!


  •  Master the Charleston dance before the party to teach to your guests upon their arrival.
  • Don’t send your guests home without something to remember the party by! Make these fun props and stage a photo opportunity before the party ends. Print the photos out in black and white and send them to your guests as a token of appreciation and a reminder of the fabulous time they had!

Remember, all of this is doable, but a checklist is a must! Make sure everything is accounted for before you open your doors to your guests. With your speakeasy atmosphere and your friends dressed to the nines it would be hard to not have a good time!