A Few of Our Favorite Photo Booth Companies in NYC


(Fiestah team using a LUMI8 Photo Booth at the F Word Party at Wix Lounge)

Once upon a time, a photo booth was a physical booth in the mall where you and your friends would hope to make lifelong memories in the span of four frames. Now the photo booth has transformed and been redefined. No longer constrained to one location, just about the only thing that has stayed the same is the four frame format. From the crazy props used by LUMI8 Photo booths to The Bosco gifs, photo booths just keep getting better and better. We’ve rounded up some impressive photo booth companies that are sure to be a hit at your next event. The best part is, no one has to say “cheese,” unless they want to of course.

LUMI8 Photo Booth


With the options for kiosk-styled photo booths or complete booth enclosure for those who like to be traditional, you really can get the best of both worlds for your next event. LUMI8 sets itself apart from other photo booths through their many props and diverse backgrounds. From big sunglasses to handle bar mustaches, their quirky and outlandish props allow people to really get into the photos. You can even customize the props to fit your event!

Whos Event Booth


This company uses specialized fashion lighting and professional cameras, giving the impression that your event photos were done for a professional editorial spread. Your guests will be so overjoyed at how good they look at your event that they’ll share your event photos with everyone they know.  On top of this they have an on-site printer that pulls all the images from hashtags on Twitter/Instagram of the event and instantly prints them out and hangs them up on display. How awesome!

The Bosco


(Bosco’s photo booth makes gif s like this instead of printing the regular 4 frames!)

The Bosco is the ultimate social booth because they offer the option of a video booth (similar to a reality TV show’s confessional) in addition to the traditional photo booth. Once your guests have finished their photo shoot, they can receive pictures instantly through email and are able to share the photos via Facebook and Twitter but there’s a twist. Instead of sharing stationary photos, the photos are instantly packed into gifs (which are basically photos in motion, think of a digital flip book). No other photo booth company runs an automatic gif booth; they even provide prints!  It’s no surprise that The Bosco is made up of artists and engineers when you consider that their booth is completely customizable, from the booth exterior and backdrop to the side screen and print layout.

We guarantee your event will stand out because guests will have the opportunity to loosen up and let out their silly side while taking an unlimited amount of pictures with multiple friends. Because of this, photo booths have become the new must-have item at every event. Happily ever after.

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