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At Fiestah we spend our waking hours working tirelessly to make it easy for you to book vendors for your event.  And we love it, we really do. But sometimes even we need help when it comes to fundraising, tracking event attendees and sending invitations. So we’ve made a list of our favorite online tools that take care of the worrisome planning process, the tools that free up our time so we can work  on what really matters–making our customers happy.



We love Crowdtilt. And it’s not just because their homepage has cool illustrations. They put the “fun” in fundraising for the amateur event planner. If you need to raise money for a trip or an event, they are a great place to start. And it doesn’t matter how ridiculous or grand your idea, whether you want to charter a private boat or fix the potholes in your neighborhood, they will supply you with the tools to fund it.



Eventbrite is known for its blissful simplicity when it comes to sending invitations. Signing up is easy and their specialized forms make sure no stone is unturned when it comes to detailing your invite. But the best parts about Eventbrite are the ability to track your attendance and personalized invitations so that each one of your guests will feel like a V.I.P. They’re a good choice if you want to promote your event with minimal effort on your part.


Host Committee 

If you’re all about managing an all-star party-planning committee without any of the work and the drama, then Host Committee is for you. Everything is taken care of in five simple steps. One, you get 10-15 friends to co-host your party. Two, you pick a venue and they take care of the details. Three, You invite your friends and rack up rewards in the process (if your guests invite enough people, they’ll get in for free). Four, you track your event attendance through their online tools. And five, you party! It’s that easy. You’ll have peace of mind and your guests will be pestering you for the date of your next event.



SquadUP helps solve those blood-boiling funding and communication problems. With their help you get a custom webpage for your event where you can message guests and track RSVPs. And taking the hassle out of last minute hiccups is what they do best. Normally, changing the venue or the time is a hassle and leaves you wondering if you’ll lose some of their guests, but with their messaging system, your guests will know in real time so they can plan accordingly.


Do It In Person

Do It In Person is the professional event planner’s swiss army knife, they have pretty much every tool you need. They are still in beta, but they are more than helpful when it comes to planning your event. Not many platforms help you add sponsors, manage partnerships, sell tickets and sell newsletters.

While all these companies either help you with your invitations, fundraising or tracking your RSVPs, Fiestah helps you book your photographer, caterer and/or DJ. We are the jelly and they are the peanut butter. And now you have all the tools to make planning your next event a breeze.

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