An Interview With Makeup Artist Aaron Surgeon


(Photo Credit: Danielle Small)

Most people who move to NYC have a set plan. If they’re smart, they save enough money for too-high-rent and constantly increasing MTA fares. If you’re really smart, you’ll have established connections waiting for you–places to stay, employment, emotional support, etc. But the really great people figure things out after they move to NYC and their lives become better for it. Madonna came to NYC with a one way plane ticket and $35 in her pocket. And now Aaron Surgeon who, like Madonna, came to NYC with nothing is now a burgeoning makeup artist. And the best part is, he’s now on Fiestah.

When Fiestah sat down in the lobby of the Hyatt on 13th street to meet with Aaron, he sped-walk in, eye brows furrowed, and his cellphone seemingly glued in his hand.

“Sorry, but I just finished with one client and now I have to meet with another client, ” Aaron explained.

Clad in all black with side swept bangs and militantly manicured eyebrows, Aaron looked more than on point, like he turned down the opportunity to be a judge on America’s Next Top Model. And it was hard to be upset at someone who looked that impeccable.

When Aaron first moved to NYC from Washington D.C., he didn’t have any work. So he turned to the modern equivalent of an Annex class.

“I went online and taught myself how to do makeup. And then I paid the rent doing makeup for drag queens,” Aaron told Fiestah in between the conversational pauses of his phone call.

Now he has been a makeup artist for five years and is obviously in high demand. Even though he seemed to stumble into the makeup industry, his passion is evident. Aaron said his favorite part of the job is when he finishes with a client and they tell him, “I feel pretty.” According to the glint in his eyes, that compliment is akin to a patient thanking a doctor for saving his life.

But even though he is in high demand, Aaron still revels in the potency of the simplicity inherent in his work. That simplicity is encompassed in his favorite makeup tip which focuses on the eye area.

“Concealing the eye area is the number one thing for everybody. It’s simple, ” Aaron said.

Although Aaron is new to Fiestah, he is excited at the opportunity to use the online tool.

“[I think Fiestah will] bridge the gap between the artist and the people in need of service, like an extra liaison, ” Aaron illuminated. He continued to say that, “[Fiestah] will help us to not have to figure it out on our own.”

Fiestah loves NYC for many reasons and the biggest one being- it’s where dreams are made of, and Aaron, your story has proven this to us once again.

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