How to Throw A Frighteningly Amazing Halloween Party


(Still from Legendary Mean Girls Halloween Party)

Last Halloween we showed you how to decorate a Halloween party. But what good are cool Halloween decorations if no one is having fun at your party?  And by “frighteningly amazing,” we don’t mean hell houses (the event, not the movie) or that one time your college R.A. put up some streamers and threw candy on the floor in the lounge. We’re talking a party suited for the name. A night of revelry, debauchery and plain ol’ costume fun.

Pick a Theme


It’s all in the details. Your theme will give you a great angle to market your party and design your invitations. Some ideas are an Alice in Wonderland party (you know that movie gave you nightmares as a kid), a Nightmare Before Christmas party, a Gothic party or a even an Epic Monsters Throughout History party. If you give your guests enough time in advance, everyone  will be psyched to get in the Halloween spirit and go all out designing their costumes. Here are some more theme ideas.

Have a Costume Contest

images-3Now that you have a theme, you need to reward your guests for all the hard work they put into their costumes. Your contest could include many categories: Best Outfit, Funniest Costume, Scariest Costume, etc. Set up a spooky photo booth for your ghosts…err guests to capture their creative costumes. The photos will make for a great party favor and serve for good decorations for next years Halloween party. Once you’ve sorted through the creepy and creative ensembles, make sure to have cool prizes like fake trophies or t-shirts for the winners.


images-4 Your decorations and food are how you really sell your theme, so go big. Make your beverages ghoulish by putting dry ice in a cauldron for drinks, or make them bloody with red dye. Rent a few fog machines to create a creepy cemetery aura.  Use silly string to create “webs” in every corner. Go the extra mile and have your finger food look like actual fingers. Pay special attention to lighting, replace your bulbs with black light bulbs and for the electrically inclined,schedule your lights to flicker for a haunted house effect. This is Halloween, the more ghastly the better!

Menacing Music,or a DJ?

Waltz1816_72 Take some time to orchestrate a playlist that fits your theme and gets people dancing. If you don’t want to have “Monster Mash” and “Thriller” on repeat all night, spring for a DJ (especially one that does video), you can really take your party to the next level. The DJ will be able to man the lights (for the oh-so spooky atmosphere) and sync it with the songs. So if your theme is the Headless Horseman, you don’t actually have to get a horse and really long collar for the rider. Have your DJ use some effects (doors creaking, horse galloping) while lowering the lights and boom! You have a cool murder mystery interlude for your party.

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