Fiestah’s Ultimate Equipment Rental Checklist


Renting equipment, whether it’s a fog machine or a zoltar machine, makes your event stand out. But renting equipment can be a hassle, especially if you are hosting your first event. That’s why Fiestah has got you covered. We’ll let you know what you need to do before you rent any equipment.

What Kind of Equipment Does Your Event Need?

It doesn’t make much sense to commit to a party theme, if your decor doesn’t match. Fix this by choosing the right equipment for your party.


Having a 60s-themed party? Outfit your venue with bean bags and Warhol-esque photos. Throwing a Great Gatsby-themed party? Then rent furniture fit for a French château-style mansion at a quarter of the price. Not all events and/or parties need special furniture, though, so it’s good to evaluate whether your theme warrants a complete home staging or demands a simple white sheet draped over some chairs. It’s up to you.

Ice Sculptures

There’s no need to get carried away and build your own ice hotel, but ice sculptures are a surefire way to stun your guests. They make great centerpieces and help spur party conversation. They are more fitting for more sophisticated events, so if you’re trying to keep it casual, a giant ice swan may not be the way to go.

‘Think’ carefully, will ice sculptures help set the atmosphere?

Photo booths 

Is there any event that does not need a photo booth? We don’t think so. Photo booths help document your party in a quirky way and they allow your guests to interact with your event. If you need help deciding which photo booth to use, read our blog post on the best photo booth companies in the city.


A/V Equipment

Microphones, speaker systems, projectors and TV screens are the cornerstones for any professional event. But you don’t want your event to be plagued by technical difficulties. Before your event make sure to check all the wires, do sound tests on any microphones and practice a run through to make sure all your equipment is working and ready to go.


Red plastic cups are for college keggers, so look professional by renting glassware. It is easy and affordable, and vendors will pick up all the glasses the next day.

Sorry folks, there is just no way to make a red cup classy

By the Hour or Day?

[Insert juvenile motel joke here] This is where detailed planning can save you a good amount of money. Deciding how long you need to rent your equipment can make a big difference in your budget. Why pay a flat day rate when you only need the equipment for a few hours? Or sometimes, when you have an all-day event, paying per hour might end up forcing you to pay triple the day rate. Discuss the pricing with the rental center and decide which payment method is best for your event and your budget.

The Logistics

Before the event 

This is when expecting the worst is an asset. Try to foresee any probable malfunctions or event upsets. Make sure you test every feature on the equipment to thwart any surprises that may spring up later on. Not only does this make sure you are getting your money’s worth, but you will be calm during the event knowing that everything will run smoothly. Don’t try to become a self-trained Geek Squad employee over night. If you don’t know how something works, make sure someone at the event does.

After the event 

Save yourself from last-minute stress by preparing for a pickup window after the event, usually the day after the event. After the hustle and bustle during the event, it is easy to forget about this crucial part of the rental process.

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