Thanksgiving: Getting It Right This Year! (Part I)

The spooky Halloween decorations are down, and the candies are put away (in our tummies!). Heat up those ovens and make way for Thanksgiving! Whether you’re a Thanksgiving expert or it’s your first time hosting, we’ve got the checklist that will keep your day stress-free! In the coming weeks before Thanksgiving, we will be with you every step of the way. We’re talking decorations, activities for the kids (and adults), and of course, all the delicious food we’ve been craving.

That’s right. Getting started early means you can eliminate the possibility of panicking over the details, at the last minute. We begin our checklist with the look and feel of your celebration, the decorations!

The key to the look and feel of any Thanksgiving celebratory space is to be inviting. We’re looking for the comfort, and coziness of our family and all our loved ones.

Elements of Nature

We celebrate Thanksgiving with rustic reminders of the weather outside! Autumn hues such as golden browns, deep reds and harvest shades of orange will instantly lift the mood of the space you’re using! Want to switch it up? Use hues of dark plum and burgundy to bring an elegant feel to your decorations.

When setting the table, go with seasonal fruits such as persimmons, pears, berries and pair them with nuts and fresh leaves as centerpieces! It won’t be distracting, and guests can have a taste to help you clean up after!

Photo via: Corner Shop Muse

Photo via: Corner Shop Muse

For those who can’t resist fresh flowers, get sunflowers, lilies, dahlias or any of your favorites with rich shades that will complement your theme colors. Not sure how? Get an expert to help you with customized floral arrangements such as M.A.K. Flower Design. Remember, your flower arrangements shouldn’t be taller than 14 inches. Any higher, and your arrangements will be less of a decoration and more of a distraction!

Candles, Candles, Candles

Nothing can set the tone of the coziness you’re recreating like candles. Candles can help illuminate the table, set a cozy atmosphere and make all that yummy food look ten times more appetizing!

Try something new and organic this year, and get soy candles! DewOnAPetal produces handmade soy candles, which will burn cleaner and last longer than your average candle. Best part? Soy wax is non-toxic, and cleans up well with hot soapy water, where containers can be re-used!

Don’t Forget About the Kids! 

While we get busy with our fancy decorations, don’t forget to make the Thanksgiving space child friendly! Besides non-toxic candles and fruits as part of table settings, wrap the kids’ table with craft/parchment paper!

Photo: Addie Juell/Studio D via Country Living

Photo: Addie Juell/Studio D via Country Living

Not only will the kids know they have the best seats in the house, but supplying them with crayons or markers will definitely keep them occupied as well! Besides unearthing their inner Picasso, get the kids to scribble a few words about what they are most thankful for this year! (Psst. Adults are encouraged to join in, too!)

Don’t forget to check back with us, as we journey into the wonderful world of Thanksgiving food (and drink!) next. In the meantime, share with us your best decoration tips below!