Thanksgiving: Getting it Right… Going Gluten-Free and Vegan! (Part III)

Photo via: Real Sustenance

Photo via: Real Sustenance

We’re getting closer to that Thanksgiving dinner! If you’ve just joined us, take a look to see the delectable dishes we’ve compiled for a fabulous and fuss-free Thanksgiving. What about those of you who desire a healthier route, or need alternative dishes so your allergies don’t show up uninvited? Don’t worry, we’re not about to abandon any of our friends! After all, Thanksgiving is a time to share, and we’re not about to leave any of you out!

Check out some of the gluten-free and vegan recipes we’re currently salivating over:

Mushroom Fortune Cookies 

Photo via: Young NYC

Photo via: Young’s

How gorgeous is this? Our buddies at Young’s focus on revamping classic American fare with yummy vegan, gluten-free and organic dishes. This mushroom fortune cookie is not only an absolute delight for the eyes, it’s also served with an apricot dipping sauce. This will be such a scene stealer during Thanksgiving!

So for those of you who will be serving guests and want to take extra caution with your food preparations, call Young’s! They have a fabulous array of plant-centric bites, and can also provide other event services such as setting up, custom designing your menu and even collaborating with some of your favorite Manhattan bars!

Smashed Sweet Potato Fritters, Pistachio Pumpkin Seed Crusted 

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without sweet potato? Check out Lunch Box Bunch’s recipe, perfect as an appetizer or even a side dish. What is it exactly? Sweet potato fritters are crusted in crushed seeds and pistachios, and lightly fried in virgin coconut oil. The result is heavenly. For those who want that extra kick on top, spice it up with chipotle vegan mayo!

Cauliflower Steaks with Mushroom Gravy

Photo via: Vegan Richa

Photo via: Vegan Richa

What’s great about this dish? It’s free of dairy, egg, soy, nut, gluten and grain. All you need is a crunchy cauliflower, and a winning mushroom gravy. Seriously, what could be better than mushrooms? Top with fresh parsley or thyme, sprinkle some black pepper and dig in!

Tamale Pie

Photo via: VegKitchen

Photo via: VegKitchen

While the turkey may remain the MVP of the Thanksgiving feast, we’ve got a solution for our vegan buddies! This southwestern-style recipe will leave even your meat loving friends begging for more.  A perfect mix of spicy and comfort food, VegKitchen’s tamale pie will warm up your guests on a cold fall night. Top with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, or anything else you like. It will serve perfectly as a main dish.

Vegan Wines

You can’t let your guests pair your cauliflower steaks with water. We found a wide variety of vegan wines on Barnivore that you can serve at dinner. From Pinot Noirs to Rieslings, they have an extensive list to choose from!

(No-Bake) Cookie Dough Squares 

Go the extra mile to show your guests you care about their dietary decisions, by sending them home with a treat! Not only is it seriously easy to make (you just have to head out to get the ingredients), it’s also really yummy. Psst! Want to snack on the cookie dough? Go ahead! It’s safe to consume this cookie dough, as it does not contain eggs.

Cornbread Mix

Photo via: Young's

Photo via: Young’s

Want to make cornbread for guests with all types of taste to enjoy? We’re not quite finished with our buddies at Young’s yet! Apart from catering, they also produce vegan and gluten-free cornbread mix, even providing you with the instructions. Consider your serving concerns, solved. (Heads up: While the mix is gluten-free, it is not produced in a gluten-free facility.)

There you have it. Just a few recipes to consider for your feast, and a friend to call if you need any help with gluten-free and vegan servings. We’re no experts, we’d love to know what you’re serving this Thanksgiving! Anything spectacular we’ve missed? Share with us, below!

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