The Perfect Christmas Party: It’s Possible!

We’re a few days away from Christmas! We know you’re probably losing your mind with all the shopping, and this year is your turn to host a few friends and family. Don’t fret, we’re here to tell you to do away with traditional sit down dinners! Allow guests to mix and mingle with a holiday appetizer party instead. It’s casual, and definitely less taxing on you!

Make it all about the (easy) food and drinks, see the checklist we made to make this perfect holiday celebration possible below:

Your Party Area Needs a Wreath 

No, we’re not saying it’s a must to head out to buy one – make one instead! Chances are, you’ve got the ingredient needed, right in your kitchen! Go with the rustic vibe with cinnamon sticks, that can stay hanging beyond the holidays. Make your cinnamon roll wreath with the help of Food Network here!

Prepare Everything in Advance 

This is the beauty of an appetizer party. You don’t have to spend time slaving away in the kitchen while your guests have a good time! Get everything sorted the night before, and assemble only as guests pour in. A quick party tip? Remember to prepare at least 20 per cent more of food and drinks than your confirmed guest list. Some of your guests will definitely come with their appetites!

Cocktail Drinks 

Photo via: Food and Wine

Photo via: Food and Wine

Don’t waste your time mixing a cocktail one at a time. Premix your cocktails in batches, and serve in small bottles instead. Here’s a tip: Re-use wine bottles by stripping off the labels, and wrap the bottles with chains for a celebratory feel. Don’t forget to clean the bottles before pouring in your cocktail mixtures!

For the perfect cocktail to store in your DIY bottles, check out Food and Wine’s ‘Evergreen Swizzle’ here!

Bite Sized Dishes 

The rule for hor d’oeuvres is to serve two thirds of savory dishes and one third of sweets. Start by serving bruschetta! It doesn’t have to be the same ‘ol tomato topping, go with something like the Bruschetta Duet. Surprise your guests with two different toppings to taste. There is the green-olive tapenade, made in mere minutes with a blender or food processor. The sautéed mushroom topping is also lovely, and can be served in hot or room temperature. No reheating needed!

Photo via: Press NY

Photo via: Press NY

Kick it up a notch by serving mini-wraps, both delicious and health conscious too! Our friends from Press NY have the perfect warm mini-wraps for your party. Choose a delectable array from natural chicken breast to black angus steak or even a vegetable burger. This way, your guests will have more than plenty to sample from!

Photo via: CakeBites NYC

Photo via: CakeBites NYC

As for sweets, do we have a treat for you! CakeBites NYC has the perfect, most gorgeous and seriously tempting handmade cake truffles! Did we mention it’s vegan and gluten free (read: less holiday guilt!)? We guarantee your guests will be climbing over your furniture to get to these beautiful creations! They’ve got alarmingly delicious flavors such as chocolate mint, salty caramel and the perfect dessert for this season – pumpkin spice, which is pumpkin cake dipped in white chocolate!

Get Your Christmas Music On!

No holiday party is complete without Christmas tunes to sing along to! Put on classic favorites from Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole for that elegant, grown up feel in your party space. Want something contemporary? Go with Michael Bublé Christmas album, with a lovely rendition of ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’ here. Don’t forget Mariah Carey, the Queen of Contemporary Christmas Songs! Listen to one our favorites from her, here on our playlist made for you on Songza!

Done with Mingling? Watch a Movie! 

Photo: Universal Pictures

Photo: Universal Pictures

Christmas time is the only time to excuse sappy romantic comedies.We absolutely love the British Christmas-themed ‘Love Actually’! Bundle everyone up with comfy blankets in front of the TV, and pass the hot chocolate.

Photo via: Taste of Home

Photo via: Taste of Home

Prepare some cinnamon popcorn for that holiday spirit, and you’re set! A little warning: Set up boxes of tissues around the party space, your guests are gonna need them.

Some Things to Remember:

It’s great to ready party games for guests, but not everyone will participate. Let it go, no forcing needed! You want to have a good time, but not everyone will have the same idea as you.

Lessen the pain of hosting by making this a potluck party! Get guests to bring their favorite snacks, and drinks. This way there will be plenty of yummy food and drinks to go around!

What else will make a fabulous holiday appetizer party? Share with us in the comment section below!

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