5 Fabulous Ways to Start Your New Year!


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It’s officially New Year’s Eve! It’s been  a long, fabulous, stressful and life changing year for most of us – so kick back with a glass of something nice. Not content with sitting around and making small talk of faraway resolutions at your gathering before the ball drops? We’ve got 5 fabulous new traditions to move into 2014 – to start the year right, and possibly to stick to your resolutions too!

Vision Boards 

It’s really simple, you won’t need too many fancy materials. Look around your drawers, and grab all the pens and markers you have. Compile magazines, newspapers or any other printed materials you can find on the Internet and pin it on a board (Basically, it’s Physical Pinterest!). Think of it as the graphic realization of all the goals, dreams and ideas you want to make happen in 2014. Once everyone is done with their own boards, share with one another!

(A Totally Safe!) Burning Ritual 

Photo: Etsy

Photo: Etsy

We love what Erykah Badu has to say: Write it down to make it real. Write down your disappointments and hurts of 2013, and burn it up! Think of it as the cleansing of the soul, and letting all the nonsense go – just in time for 2014! You can also take another piece of paper to write down what you’d like to manifest for the next year – creative ideas, opportunities to make happen, ways to save the planet even!). Burn the papers in a fire-proof container, and let it fly into the universe! Mind, Body and Green has a suggestion: Throw in some sage when burning to let go of something, and sprinkle ginger oil for bringing in the new!

Jar of (Good) Memories 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Start the year fresh with a jar, and fill it with 365 days worth of good memories! Get an empty jar on January 1st, and for each day of the year, write down good things that happened on that day and put it in the jar. The idea is for you to read all 365 notes on the last day of the year. We’re all too busy sometimes and would have forgotten about the little moments that happened, so it will be a great reminder to close the year too!

The Smiling Game 

Finish the year 2013 with a sore tummy – in a good way! This game is really simple – One player is “It”, so they’re the only person who will be allowed to smile during the game. They will need to try and do whatever they can to make everyone else to smile! The winner of the game is the one person who isn’t smiling. We have a warning: This game gets seriously silly and fun!

Photo Booth Fun  

In case you haven’t noticed, Fiestah is pretty obsessed with photo booths. Why not – it’s the perfect way to capture unforgettable moments, and to remind you of a good time, with fun props too! Why don’t you set up a photo booth for your guests to participate in, with captions of their New Year’s Resolutions! Hold them accountable, so that nobody forgets what they promised to make happen for the coming year.

Photo: Space Cake

Photo: Space Cake

Our friends at Space Cake can set it all up the photo booth space for you! We love their gorgeous props, and fun spirit – you’ll love them too!

We hope you have fun on this last day of 2013, with some of these ideas! Don’t forget to share with us of all the great things you’ll be up to tonight! Happy New Year, everyone – See you next year!

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