Baby It’s Cold Outside.. Fun Things to Do While You Keep Warm at Home!

2014 is well and truly here. We’re past the first Monday of the year, and some of us need to recuperate from all the work we’ve accumulated in the last two weeks! We’re here to help you out, before you crash into the mid-week blues. Call a few friends (or neighbors, in case your friends can’t be bothered to leave their homes in this fabulous weather), and have yourself a nice night in.

Dress code

Pajamas. It’s about to be the best night in, ever. Staying in is the new black!

Board Games

You must be wondering, who does this anymore? It can get draggy, and someone’s feelings is bound to be hurt, why are we doing this again? We say embrace the board game fever! Go with classics like Scrabble – to show off your vocabulary (YOLO totally counts!), Monopoly (the mother of all cheating games!) and our personal favorite – Cluedo, no fancy attire needed here. This is also the perfect time to catch up with friends – just make sure you watch the banker!

TV Series Marathon

Photo: Walldime

Photo: Walldime

It’s time to play catch up. You’ve been moaning about not being able to keep with the final season of Breaking Bad, so it’s time to gather friends with the same predicament and press play!

Photo: IMDB

Photo: IMDb

Other TV shows worth watching that are still in its first season? Go with Dracula or Sleepy Hollow! One TV show we loved, and you might have missed, is Devious Maids. From the creators of Desperate Housewives, it’s the right mix of camp, mystery – seriously good fun! If these shows are for you, we’re happy to report that Community is back. Six seasons and a movie!

Unleash Your Inner Picasso! 

We love what Awesome Mitten has to say about being snowed in – it’s the perfect time to create! If friends or family are over, coax them into creating something pretty for your place. Muy Ingenioso’s got the perfect thing to keep you occupied – confetti bowls! It might sound messy and a bit tedious, but we promise you, it will be worth it!

What About Snacks and Drinks?

It’s too cold to entertain ideas of baking, let alone going downstairs for a quick bite. Let the bites come to you! Doughnuts are good all year long, and the perfect company for a night in. We’ve got some seriously yummy bites from Dough, where all doughnuts and ridiculously gorgeous glazes are handmade – it doesn’t get fresher than this, folks!

Forgot to check your icebox this morning, and now your buddies are at your door? Don’t fret! We’ve got a superhero in Booze Carriage to deliver beer, wine or spirits – all between 30 to 60 minutes. You don’t need to pile the clothes on, or trudge through the nonsense that is outside – just wait for the doorbell to ring! So much win.

Do you have staying in rituals too, when it gets unbearable outside? Don’t forget to share with us, below!

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