Red Carpet At Home: Your Guide for a Fabulous Awards Show Watch Party!

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Awards season is back! This Sunday, the 2014 awards season will kick off with the Golden Globes. We’re so excited for the return of Comedy Goddesses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and for the list of nominees this year! Of course, not all of us have the luck to be seated at the table with Jennifer Lawrence or rub shoulders with Leo DiCaprio – some of us have to deal with The Weather instead. Gear up and make your own Golden Globes watch party – in the comforts of your home!

A watch party has a few crucial things in order for success– it’s all about the big budget, it’s the ‘feel’ of the party! You don’t have to blow all your money on expensive decorations. As always, pay attention to the details!


Send a quick invite to your friends, and have them RSVP without hassle. Choose from an array of award party invite templates for your watch party from Evite! (Of course it’s free!)


Essentially, the Golden Globes is a dinner setting. Do the same, and set up a table wherever your TV is. A quick rearranging of the furniture will totally transform the room – but don’t break your back, it’s just for one night!

Photo: Yum Sugar

Photo: Yum Sugar

You won’t need a fancy centerpiece, candles will always bring an elegant feel. Stick to the gold and white combo and any decoration for your awards watch party space will look great – it’s about who’s winning, not your distracting table setting!

Dress Code

Elle Magazine recently tweeted a fabulous suggestion! If you can still fit in your prom outfits, put ‘em on and have a show! If you can’t, don’t sweat it (we’re attempting to stress away our Christmas feasts too!).. tear up your clothes and make a whole new outfit. Save money – and make a new trend!

Realistically, it’s going to be feat to get anyone to come out, much less dress up. If no one is bothered with the dress code, glam up the party with pajamas! Like we mentioned before, staying in and getting comfortable is the new black!

Award Winning Food (Or it should be!) 

It’s a Hollywood-themed party, right? Nobody really eats at their table, they’re too busy mingling! If you’re setting up a table for guests to sit and watch the awards show, you can look to NBC to reveal what’s on the menu this year. If not, Chinese takeout and pizza remains the comfort food you will need once the speeches get too long.

When it does, distract your guests with sweets – who says celebrity life is an easy task? Give your guests the Hollywood option with gorgeous bites from Danny Macaroons, the premier coconut macaroons producer in town! Every macaroon is handmade, with more than 45 flavors to choose from!

Stay away from the cliché of making award shaped anything, just serve your guests some seriously memorable desserts, from J’aime Les Bonbons. We promise you, it will be a drool-worthy dessert to serve. Watch out for the red carpet stunner, the Red Velvet Cupcake – topped with cream cheese frosting and a touch of edible gold dust. Your own edible trophy!

No watch party is complete without popcorn! Get the recipe here for a fantastic movie crunch popcorn. Make a few batches, and store in airtight containers – your guests will be begging to bring it home!

It’s All About the Cocktails 

Let’s face it, Dry-nuary is a myth. Drinks is the only way to make any award show bearable after the third hour in!

While you can serve classics such as the Kir Royale or Martini, celebrate the win of your favorite actors with the French 75. Chef Alex Guarnaschelli has the perfect recipe for you right here – don’t fret about spending lots of money on champagne, sparkling wine can still make this drink a total winner!

Remember, pre-mix if you can. Don’t waste your time as a reluctant bartender when you should be enjoying the Fey-Poehler extravaganza!

Award Party Games, Anybody?

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Speaking of the hilarious Ms. Fey and Ms. Poehler, they’ve got drinking games for you!  Any time you see someone in a gown with sleeves, drink! Cameras cutting to Tom Hanks for a reaction shot? Drink! Every time Amy Poehler drinks, everyone drinks!

Photo: She Knows

Photo: She Knows

Alas, it’s no fun to watch other humans win awards and make lengthy speeches, you deserve a shiny award too! Make up the categories – Best Burp, Best Shady Comment, Person with the Most Accurate Predictions, the list can go on. You don’t need give them a shiny award, just make your own – with paper, cereal cardboards and lots of glitter. Who says awards need to be heavy! This could also be a souvenir for your guests to bring home, to remind them of the coolest awards watch party ever!

Who are you rooting for in this upcoming award season? Personally, we’d like for Oprah to win The Best Oprah award – we said it! Don’t forget to share with us all of your predictions, below!

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