Get Up! Fun Things to Do In the City This Weekend

We know, we know. It’s the weekend, there’s no way you’d want to deal with the outdoors until you clock in for work on Monday. While we’ve given you ideas on the perfect way of staying in, this weekend is still happening! Put that extra layer on and head out for a fest or two – New York is the ultimate platform for all things creative. January in NYC is after all, the place to be for performing arts! This weekend’s activities might just surprise you, so we’ve narrowed it down to a few must see and do this weekend:

American Realness Festival 2014 

Dana Michel - Yellow Towel. Photo via: Abrons Art Center

Dana Michel – Yellow Towel. Photo via: Abrons Art Center

What Is It: Want to indulge in something beyond the ordinary? Get your art on this weekend! This performance fest may only be in its fifth year, but it’s become the “stronghold of forward-thinking, category-defying performance” (The New York Times). From January 9-19, feast all your senses on seriously cool exhibitions and performances at the Abrons Art Center. Check out the list of exhibitions here.

Why Don’t You: Make sure you don’t get caught up in festival fatigue. Surprise yourself, and randomly pick one exhibition to go to with a friend. See what happens when you expect absolutely nothing!

Ishmael Houston-Jones and Emily Wexler 13 Love Songs: Dot Dot Dot 

What Is It: If you still insist on a quick synopsis on what you’re getting yourself into, why don’t you try 13 Love Songs: Dot Dot Dot? This is definitely the performance to catch at this year’s American Realness Festival. Put a man in his 60s and a woman in her 30s, and watch them find common ground with mutual disdain for the damaging Pop Love Song.

Why Don’t You: Get your tickets here, seriously. Houston-Jones and Wexler have a diverse playlist of pop songs from Ja Rule to Madonna to Nina Simone to dissect. Yes, this is in the same performance! How can you resist?

Under the Radar Festival 

A scene from FEAST. [Photo: Marek Berry]

A scene from FEAST. [Photo: Marek Berry]

What Is It: Looking for alternative theater this weekend? Under the Radar is celebrating it’s 10th Edition at the Public Theater this year, offering a crash course in exciting, independent and experimental theater! Check out the festival’s program here – find a myriad of shows, workshops and performances from other festivals, under one roof. This is the big one you don’t want to miss!

Photo via: Catch Fire

Photo via: Catch Fire

Why Don’t You: Take advantage of the Lounge at the Public? You have until January 19th (doors open at 9:30pm) to enjoy the coolest or newest musical acts the city has to offer. Performances start from 11:00pm onwards.The best part of this? It’s free! Want opulence with delicious operatic vocals and piano playing? Try M. Lamar on Saturday, January 11. Just in case M. Lamar looks familiar, he is the twin of Laverne Cox, who plays the fabulous Sophia Burset in “Orange is the New Black”!

The Comedy Cellar 

What Is It: The Comedy Cellar has opened a second space at the Village Underground (right across the street from the legendary Blue Note). It’s the weekend, so you deserve to laugh all the negative energy of the week away – and prepare for the week ahead! We promise you, the ache in your belly by the end of the night will make the trip worth it!

Why Don’t You: Make a reservation here for Sunday, January 12’s show. The MC for the night is Ardie Fuqua from the “Louie CK Show” on Fox, Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd” and HBO’s “Bad Boys of Comedy”. You know you’re in for a good time! Check out the rest of the line up here.

No Pants Subway Ride 2014 

What Is It: What’s going to happen is pretty easy to understand: Passengers board the subway cars randomly, at separate stops – with winter clothes, except the lack of pants. It hasn’t gotten old, nope! This is the brainchild of Improv Everywhere, where it began as a simple prank that has become a worldwide phenomenon, with dozens of cities participating alongside New York every year! This annual event will take place this Sunday, January 12 from 3:00pm – 5:00pm.

Why Don’t You: Just do it! It’s going to be cold, and people in the train will stare at you – but what a break from monotony this will be! Don’t forget to wear comfortable underwear (or even two layers), but nothing offensive – the idea is to have fun, no need to upset anyone! Get further details on the meet up points, how it works and what to bring here. Psst: there’s also an after party, with pantless mini golf. Best Sunday ever!

This city is the place to be this weekend, take this opportunity and go do things you’ve never done before! Don’t forget to share with us if you really did take off your pants!

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