Super Bowl: Tips for the Best Football Party Ever!

Photo via: Wants and Wishes

Photo via: Wants and Wishes

Football is more than just a game, it’s a time for friends and family to gather and spend quality time! We’re telling you, it’s not too late to plan for the best Super Bowl party ever! Just in case you missed this and this, we’re breaking it all down for you, below:

Get the Football Party Feel

The star of the show will be the game, the commercials and the food you serve – keep the decorations simple, and adorn your TV area with your team colors. Less is more – the more you put up, the more the room might look cluttered. To add a touch of that football party vibe, go with a football table runner!

Photo via: Growing Up Gabel

Photo via: Growing Up Gabel

Growing Up Gabel came up with an ingenious way to amp up the space with a centerpiece like the no sew football table runner! It’s super easy to make – you’ll need simple felt, ribbon and glue. Get the directions here!

Say Cheese: Super Bowl Photo Booth 

What’s a party without pictures to go home with? Set up a budget-friendly, DIY photo booth! You’ll need black and white top sheet, small safety pins. If you don’t have a backdrop stand, an empty space will do too – so long as you have a way to hang your referee striped backdrop! Get the step-by-step instructions on the backdrop and props here.

It’s All About What You Serve!

It’s going to get hectic when the game begins, and guests will want to stock up on food! Serve a buffet spread a little further away from the TV area, so things won’t look cramped and no one blocks the view.

For Snacks: Potato Bar 

Photo via: Real Simple

Photo via: Real Simple

For a (slightly!) healthier and fresh option, create a potato bar with baked wedges! Provide a variety of toppings – everything from salsa, cheese, jalapeños, (low fat) sour cream and chopped red onions, whatever you can think of!

Walking Tacos

Photo via: Picky Palate

Photo via: Picky Palate

You know the culprits who’ll hog the chips, so make individual ones! Small bag of chips will be perfect – just set up a taco station, for guests to spoon in the chili, cheese, sour cream and other toppings, right in that bag of chips! No more complaints, we promise. Don’t forget to cut off the top of the bag if it’s in the way. The perfect cleanup snack – just dump, and go!

Lobster Roll, Anyone?

We all know the perfect hearty foods for tailgating, but treat your guests with something different! Luke’s Lobster is perfect – fresh lobster on a delicious roll for that true taste of Maine. You’ll be served the best of the fresh, as each roll requires 5 to 6 lobster claw!

Photo via: Papa Kebab

Photo via: Papa Kebab

What about a little Middle Eastern flair to your all-American party? Serve Papa Kebab’s falafel – it’s fried, ground chickpea patties with fresh herbs mixed with Middle Eastern spices. It’s light, and easy to eat so guests will gobble it all up less than minutes!

At some point, guests will be hankering for something sweet. This is where your dessert saviors will come in – Bees Knees Baking Co. figured out a way for you to enjoy incredibly decadent and complex flavors of cakes in a portable cup! Think of irresistible flavors such as PB&J, Red Velvet and Honey Bourbon, among others – your guests will be spoiled rotten!

Easy, Breezy Cleanup! 

We love decorations with a purpose, especially those that assist with dreaded cleanup – like Design*Sponge’s printable coasters! Just print the illustrations on white card stock and cut it up – it’s that simple! Your coffee table will thank you. Get the free printables here!

It’s important to remember The Cleanup Mantra – Clean as You Party. We don’t mean picking up on every single thing, it’s your party! However, acting quickly with inevitable spills is a Great Party Host/Hostess Skill. Mix white vinegar, dish soap and water in a spray bottle, and keep it near the party area. Baby powder can work on carpet stains too – keep these tips in mind, you just never know!

Here’s to a smashing upcoming Super Bowl weekend, and the best party in town!

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