Fun Holidays in January You Need to Celebrate!

This is the best time to stop greeting everyone with ‘Happy New Year’, since we’re moving into February 2014 in less than 12 days! In the midst of all the catching up and Super Bowl extravanganza taking place, learn about holidays you’ve never even heard of! End January 2014 with a bang, and celebrate a special day dedicated to some of the things we love:

January 23, 2014 – National Pie Day

Photo via: Cutie Pies NYC

Photo via: Cutie Pies NYC

Pie is the ultimate. Just ask the ancient Greeks and Egyptians! Over the years, the pie has evolved to become what is “the most traditional American dessert”. It’s no wonder why we’ll have a day to celebrate pie – it’s become part of our heritage, and it tastes so good too! Celebrate this day with your very own pie, from Cutie Pies NYC. This Brooklyn-based, artisanal pie bakery will knock your socks off with gorgeous fruit filling brightened with a hint of lemon inside their signature butter flake crust!

Photo via: Cutie Pies NYC

Photo via: Cutie Pies NYC

Quick tip for a great pie? Don’t overwork or overhandle the dough! It can toughen the dough, and you don’t want that. Also, cold is the key word. Cold ingredients, cold bowls, utensils – even cold hands to handle the dough!

January 23, 2014 – National Handwriting Day 

Photo via: Pentel

Photo via: Pentel

We’ve seem to have lost the art of handwriting to creatively express ourselves, we’re too glued to our gadgets! There’s a certain poetry to handwritten words, so take advantage of this special day and write! The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association (WIMA) suggests a journal entry or even a letter. We say make a tradition – write a letter to yourself, and read it on National Handwriting Day next year!

January 24, 2014 – Beer Can Appreciation Day

Photo via: Huffington Post

Photo via: Huffington Post

Yes, such a celebration exists! Beer drinkers all over the world celebrate the revolutionary moment in 1935 when beer became available in cans. Then there are those who appreciate and collect beer cans, because some cans are more than just containers for our favorite drink! Take this day and get the coolest looking cans, and start your own little collection. This day is perfect, because it falls on a Friday this year – so drink up, and take the pretty cans home!

January 27, 2014 – National Chocolate Cake Day 

Yes, there is a day deserving of a delicious celebration! The chocolate cake comes in all shapes, sizes and texture – sticky, gooey, soft and moist. Whatever the combo, it will be divine! Take your Monday lunch break and indulge with something decadent like cookie filled chocolate cake. You read right!

Photo via: LazyLooz

Photo via: Lazylooz

Lazyooz is the mastermind behind this tasty goodness, thanks to a precious family recipe. Served in bite sizes, the Lazylooz will instantly melt in your mouth – with that slight crunch when you take a bite. It’s the most gorgeous, perfect balance! The best part about the Lazylooz – serve frozen for a crunchier feel, chill for a refreshing effect or at room temperature for a fudge-like texture. It’s like magic!

January 28, 2014 – Fun at Work Day

International Fun at Work Day is not until April, so dive into a winter celebration! Fun at Work Day is observed on various days in January, depending on the source – so grab all the days, and celebrate with some good (clean!) fun! It doesn’t have to be too distracting or offensive – wear something silly to work, or exchange (and use!) gag gifts among colleagues – just make sure the boss is cool with silliness in the office. After all, if you can’t have fun at work, where can you, really?

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