Move Over, Couples! Valentine’s Day for the Single Guys & Girls

You know the drill. Questions about your dateless February 14 will arise, but don’t feel sorry for yourself! We’re here to tell you there isn’t any shame being partner-less, gather a few fabulously single people and have a rockin’ good time! We break down on how to throw the best Valentine’s Day bash (that your loved up friends will be envious about!):

Invitees: The More, The Merrier! 

Photo via: someecards

Photo via: someecards

This isn’t a singles mixer, no one should come over with the presumption they’re going to find The One. Blast an email invite to your single friends, and get them to bring one person that other people may not know. Widening the circle will bring much needed fresh faces to your party! Remember, it’s just a party – don’t oversell the idea that people are going to mingle and immediately fall in love.

Party with a Purpose

Take the pressure down by a notch by charging your guests a small fee, say $5-$10, to donate to a charity dear to you. This way, many will show up to support a Valentine’s fundraiser – you get to help out a good cause, and more fresh faces will grace the party space!

Do Away with the Red Hearts 

Photo via: PartyPail

Photo via: PartyPail

It’s a party, for single people. You don’t need to set the party space to be what it’s not – so you won’t need red streamers, and candied hearts all over the place. Go bold – use bright colors such as red, black or even purple. Spice the space up with the color in the littlest details – like the serving plates! Just keep the lights low and flattering, and that’s all the decor vibe you really need.

Know What to Serve

Photo via: A Periodic Table

Photo via: A Periodic Table

Stick with small bites, you don’t want your guests to sit down and keep to themselves! Get them to move around by placing mini serving stations around the room – just move a few small tables to the corners and serve. Serve Chef Piper‘s amazing stuffed mushrooms with herbs! It’s light, and yummy – and it might please vegetarian friends too!

Photo: Randy Mayor, Lydia DeGaris-Pursell via Yummly

Photo: Randy Mayor, Lydia DeGaris-Pursell via Yummly

Don’t forget to add aphrodisiac foods! We know we said no pressure, but who doesn’t like baked oysters, with bacon and breadcrumbs? Ask, and Chef Piper shall deliver! Another recommendation from Chef Piper? Cheese plates. It’s filling, yummy and really pretty. What else can you ask for?

Party Popcorn For All 

We are so obsessed with this recipe for candy popcorn! Few ingredients are needed, and some time for melting and putting together. Make colored popcorn, with the help of purple candy melts. Add sprinkles, and watch your guests rave about the tastiest popcorn they’ve ever tasted!

Your Signature Party Cocktail 

Photo: Tina Rupp via Epicurious

Photo: Tina Rupp via Epicurious

Once again, we’re here to tell you, put down all the bottles! Make one signature cocktail, and premix. Place the mixed cocktails at a self serving bar, and get guests to help themselves, or each other! Go with “The New Bees Knees” – you’ll need lemon juice, honey and gin.

Don’t forget non-drinkers, so serve something just as fresh and fun like sparkling lavender lemonade. For added  prettiness, garnish with lavender blossoms you can find at health food stores.

Meet & Greet Games = Fun Times 

Don’t cringe at the idea of I.D. tags! Instead of names, get your guests to register with their favorite animal, author or even historical figures – whatever name they come up with. The weirder, the better! Someone’s bound to ask where did “Great Space Monkey Goddess” come from. Trust us, we’d ask! To add to the fun, get guests to include a crazy cool fact about themselves on the tag – Beyoncé’s Cousin’s Best Friend’s Boyfriend. You get the drift.

Did I Do That?

Guests can provide strange or mildly embarrassing facts about them before the party. Use the facts to make a sheet of trivia questions. Provide an incentive (more wine, perhaps?) to get guests to start asking around. Who wouldn’t want to know the person who nearly broke a colleague’s nose, during an attempt at twerking? (And ask, how?)

Conversation Starters 

Let’s face it, there are those who will need props to get talking. Get them to participate by placing conversation cards strategically around the party space. While you’re at it, place mints as well – for extra dose of freshness! Remember, no forcing needed! The idea is to encourage conversation, not to shove attraction down anyone’s throat!

A good tip is to let all your guests know beforehand that it’s a party, that so happens includes single people – assure them it’s about having a good time, nothing is mandatory! If there are those who are content to sit back and relax, let them! Your guests are grown, and so are you. Put on some Disclosure, dance and mingle – it’s your night too!

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