Valentine’s Day: Luscious Sweet Treats for the Lovers

Photo via: DigsDigs

Photo via: DigsDigs

This one’s for those who are loved up this coming Valentine’s Day. The setting is perfect – it’s miserable outside, so get crackling with warmth only your partner can give you! If you’re going to stay in, make sure you stock up on all the good stuff. We’re talking yummy, luscious and completely sinful (and some almost sin-free!) sweet treats for you and your loved one. You can thank us for this list of the most scrumptious treats later!

Chee’Bonnet, Inc. 

Imagine decadent cheesecake balls coated completely with pure Belgian chocolate – just heavenly! Chee’Bonnet makes handcrafted cheesecake bonbons, perfectly blended with pure creamy buttermilk and dark cocoa – how’s that for some good ‘ol Southern hospitality? Throw away the idea of buying chocolates for your sweetheart, go with fresh and sexy box of Red Velvet Chee’Bonnets!

It’s A Cuppie

Photo via: It's A Cuppie

Photo via: It’s A Cuppie

Sure, it looks like just a cupcake. Believe us when we say, It’s A Cuppie is more than that – it’s a cupcake with a cookie inside. The combination of cupcake + cookie is spectacular! There are so many gorgeous flavors to choose from, but it’s Valentine’s so go all the way. Go with the Velvet Chocolate – just an irresistible red velvet cupcake with a chocolate chip cookie filling, topped with all that good mascapone whipped cream. Need we say more?

Cookie Fairy Sweets

Cookie Fairy Sweets has a life philosophy we really enjoy – life tastes better with cookies! What’s so great about their cookies? Truly preservative-free, fresh baked cookies – that they freeze. This is to ensure the cookies taste the way it should be, which is freshly baked! We say go with the ‘My Man Cookies’. You’ll get ten soft baked cookies filled with three types of chocolate chips, natural shredded coconut, oatmeal and pecans. It’s yummy, and a healthier option. For those who’d like to know exactly what’s in their cookie, check their ingredients here!

melt bakery 

At this point, you might think we’re nuts. Ice cream in the middle of this cold? We say, why not! Trust in the guys at melt bakery, who have the perfect taste buds to make your Valentine’s night just right – with ice cream sandwiches! You won’t be able to resist flavors like ‘Lovelet’, which are red velvet meltcakes + ceam cheese ice cream or even ‘Morticia’, crackly chocolate cookie with malted chocolate rum ice cream. This might be a crazy idea, but break the Valentine’s Day (and winter!) rules!

Tipsy Scoop 

Photo via: Tipsy Scoop

Photo via: Tipsy Scoop

Take it up a notch, and be about that Jay x Beyoncé Grammy drunk love! Trust in Tipsy Scoop, a magical selection of artisanal ice creams with a knockout combo of a perfectly balanced cocktail and that familiar, indulgent homemade ice cream. Surprise your honey pie with some that ‘Hot Cinnamon and Ginger Buttered Rum’ ice cream – the alcohol volume per serving is 5%, so don’t let that innocent looking treat fool you! For a slightly personalized Valentine’s treat, go with ‘Intoxicated, Fat & In Love’ – it’s cake-flavored vodka, Frangelico, cherry liqueur and white chocolate liqueur. It’s about to be a fun night!

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