5 Amazing Tools Every Event Planner Should Be Using

There’s no denying planning an event (or planning several at the same time!) can be really stressful. Eliminate unnecessary stress with supporting apps and tools to increase productivity, and lessen the burden of missing details. While there’s a plethora of online tools to support any aspect of your event planning, we’ve chosen five seamless and user friendly event planning tools to make your life so much simpler:

1. Boomset

Photo: Boomset

Photo: Boomset

Booset is designed to support and empower the event planner, with a painless guest list and conference registration check in application. Event planners can import guest lists from internal spreadsheets, or even Facebook. Checking in and tracking event attendees is also a breeze. You can design the badges with the app before the event, and print name tags of your registered guests on the spot! Boomset will definitely organize your registration station, and help guests register with ease. Best of all, this mobile/tablet app is free!

2. ArrangeMySeat 

Planning large events can cause headaches, when streamlining seating arrangements and handling the ticketing aspect of events. ArrangeMySeat is an online seating plan designer, where event planners can specify customized seating charts and an event registration page. There is the interactive option where guests can register/pay and choose their seats directly from the customized seating chart. We recommend this for those planning for wedding receptions and fundraisers, and decrease the time spent on completing seating charts. Eliminate the stress of catering to every guest, with options to get vital information on their menu selection as well. Sign up for a fee here.

3. Social Tables

Photo via: Tech Cocktail

Photo via: Tech Cocktail

Social Tables is a cloud-based management software, allowing event planners to integrate floor plans, seating charts and guest lists in one place. This planning platform offers diagramming services, for event planners to accurately create 2D floor plans for client’s reference. Social Tables also stores previous floor plans, customized event designs, attendee lists and even meal preferences so you won’t need to start from the scratch for your next event. We love that this eliminates paperwork, and is easily accessible in real time for team members and clients! Try it out here.

4. Party & Event Planner Lite 

Party & Event Planner Lite is a quick and simple mobile/tablet app for those planning for social gatherings. Keep in check with your to-do list with the app’s event countdown, and organize your guest list with its color coded structure. Integration with Facebook and Twitter is also available, for easy access. We really like the individual drinks calculator feature, just key in the kinds of drinks you want to serve, your guests’ drinking patterns and it will figure how many drinks you’ll need to accommodate your guests! The basic version of this app is free.

5. Evernote 

Photo: Evernote

Photo: Evernote

Event planning boils down to proper organization and putting all the details together. Evernote is the ultimate (free!) app to help you remember everything across all the devices you use. It syncs all your data and activities seamlessly, from your computer to your smartphone and tablet. The key is connectivity, and to make sure you don’t miss the information you might have stored in any of your devices or other products you’re using. Create text notes, to-dos and task lists with tags and sync to share your files via Facebook and Twitter. You can also record your event ideas, or audio snippets for inspiration. Upgrade to Evernote Premium and take your notebooks offline, for round the clock access. Best part of this app? Going paperless! Trust us, you won’t need another notebook again.

To top off all the support above, don’t forget Fiestah is here to cater to your planning process too! What are some of your favorite apps or online platforms to assist you when planning events? Share with us, below!

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