Your Event Decor Matters Part I: Effective Use of Physical Space

The main purpose of any event is to communicate your message and content with clarity. When your guests arrive at your event, the first representation of your message will be your event space and its decor. Any event planner will tell you it’s almost impossible to find the ultimate space with your dream features, so here’s a few quick tips to make smart use of your event space, no matter how big or small:

Oversized Spaces 

It’s easy for a large auditorium or warehouse to feel unfinished or too empty. Create a more intimate vibe by ‘dropping’ the ceiling with suspended balloons! We recommend using various sizes of balloons to create a sense of elegance and coziness. These balloons can also create great lighting effects and counter noise issues like the awkward echo you usually find in a large room.

If you have very sensitive guests, “drop” the ceiling with an indoor canopy of fabric instead! This will create a room within a room, eliminating the coldness of a large space.

Hang interesting artwork or branding in various shapes, sizes and colors on the walls. Filling in the empty space will create a sense of closeness. In addition to reinforcing your event message, the artwork or branding can transform the large, mundane space into a memorable one!

Small Spaces

De-clutter the small event space by removing all unnecessary decorations off your surface space. Hang banners, lanterns or even fairy lights to create a sense of working space.

If you’re serving buffet style, separate your food and drinks table around your event space so your guests won’t crowd in one tight spot!

The key to creating more space is to let the eye travel. Use clear and reflective decorations and surfaces such as glass, acrylic and mirrors to give the illusion of a large event area. Stay away from warm colors that might close up the room, go with fresh hues of white and light gray instead!

Working with Special Spaces

Most of the time, event planners will run into a workable space that might have an unusual layouts. We recommend taking notes for the placement of columns and partitions. If you plan for visual presentations or any visual footage to be shown, work around your event budget to place personal view monitors around areas that might be blocked from the screen. If not, work on your seating arrangements very carefully so all guests have good visibility. Remember the aim to convey a clear message to your guests. Everyone should feel included!

Photo via: Rosco

Photo via: Rosco

If you’re dealing with a troublesome space or floor limitations, expand your decorations with the use of vivid image projections! From the ceiling to bare walls, your chosen image projections will definitely create a mood unique to your event. Be mindful of the images you want to project! Be sure it’s in line with your event’s aim. This is a great opportunity for branding!


Look out for the next part of ‘Your Event Decor Matters’ tomorrow, as we present the myriad of ways to inject life into your event!

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