Your Event Decor Matters Part II: Injecting Life into Your Event

In case you missed it, we opened this event decor three-part series by showing you the smart ways to use your event space. Now that you have some ideas on your event layout, shake things up and inject much needed vitality and energy into your event! Essentially, your event wants to effectively convey your message, but it doesn’t have to stagnant and boring. Give your attendees a unique experience they won’t forget with:

Use of Colors 

Photo via: Indiana Roof

Photo via: Indiana Roof

The unique experience of your event begins with strong color palettes, to complement your event purpose, message and style. Use the chosen color palettes in your projections, fabrics or even little details for table settings, badges and stationeries used for your particular event.

Understanding the psychology of color is a great asset as an event planner! Color has the incredible ability to dramatically affect moods, as well as to evoke emotions. Work very closely with clients on their key colors, and flexibility of playing the different shades and hues of their chosen palette. These colors play a big role in livening up your table designs, your overall decor and right down to your menu selection!

Go with green for a calming effect, to create a sense of nature and healthiness. This would be perfect for environmental-based events. The universally popular color is blue, which evokes a sense of peace and loyalty. Use this color to create productivity during team-building sessions, or conferences.

Photo via: The Sky Line

Photo via: The Sky Line

If you’re unsure of using potentially inappropriate colors for your event, always go back to black. It will bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to your event space. If available, use black carpet or tiles and surfaces to counter bland walls. It will definitely create a dramatic effect and bring emphasis to your chosen decor. Perfect for swanky, black-tie event like a charity fundraiser!

Fresh Seating Arrangements 

Anyone who’s ever planned a sit-down event can tell you, seating arrangements can be a disaster if you don’t have the right planning platform to help you! Go the extra mile and take your time with proper seating arrangements for all your guests. It may seem tedious, but making the effort to carefully plan who sits where will definitely yield results. Guests can be placed with those they are comfortable with, and nobody needs to walk around awkwardly to find a place to sit!

Photo via: 88Events

Photo via: 88Events

You could be planning a wedding or even an annual corporate dinner, and guests will still expect standard round tables. Stand out from the rest, and use long rectangular tables instead. Your guests will be facing each other directly, and this will definitely encourage conversation! Want to take it up a notch? Join two or more large rectangular tables to form large square tables. Use black table cloth and simple decorations to complete this fabulous look!

Photo via: Lindsay Landman

Photo: Allan Zepeda via Lindsay Landman

For social gatherings, create an informal space with the lounge style seating arrangement. Watch guests relax, and move seamlessly around the room as they interact. This seating arrangement is totally unexpected and will definitely liven up your event space! Guests can also settle comfortably on their assigned couches as speakers or presenters take the center stage. Don’t forget to assign their seating area carefully, so everyone gets a seat!

We conclude this event decor series tomorrow, with quick tips to stretch your event decor budget. Don’t forget to check back!

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