Your Event Decor Matters Part III: Stretching Your Decor Budget

It’s easy to get lost in fabulous ideas when brainstorming for your upcoming event. However, inevitable budget constraints will always sacrifice the event decor budget first. We’ve got a few tips on how to stretch your small event decor budget, without sacrificing the quality of your event!

Pick the Right Event Space 

Photo via: The Lady Silvia

Photo via: The Lady Silvia

We’re all for empty warehouses for creative event design built from scratch, but many event planners won’t have the luxury of a big budget. Choose the right event venue, one with all the amenities and decorations required to limit spending. Depending on the type and scale of your event, scout for specific locations such as hotels and restaurants that already have all the design elements you need so you won’t have to fork out for the extra details. Alternatively, a sleek and modern venue can work for most events. Look out for spaces with breathtaking views, too! This could be all the decor you really need. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask! 

It doesn’t matter what type of event you’re planning, it’s important to ask! When dealing with the event venue management, try your luck and request for specific items you will require. Most of the time, event-ready spaces like hotel ballrooms, or even restaurants, are already equipped with flowers or projection equipments. If it’s available and isn’t used at the time, you might not be charged extra for your request! Just remember to double confirm in writing if you’ve been promised you won’t be charged.

Make (One) Big Statement 

Instead of spending unnecessarily on a few pieces to be placed around the venue, make the room pop with a large statement piece! This will definitely grab the attention of your guests. If you’re planning for a social gathering or a wedding, a gorgeous chandelier hanging above your guests will do the trick. Scour antique shops or weekend markets for vintage chandeliers, you might walk away with something that needs work but won’t hurt your budget!

Photo via: Luma Base

Photo via: Luma Base

If you require something less fancy but still bring impact, go with large and colorful lanterns. A statement piece can definitely brighten the room! The use of color is vital, so choose your hues carefully! We suggest going with shades of purple, a color associated with wealth and extravagance. Emanate a sense of luxury with a fraction of the cost! Even Pantone’s Color of 2014 is Radiant Orchid, an intriguing combo of fuchsia, purple and pink. It’s expressive, warm and it sparks imagination! Definitely not a bad hue to work with.

Green is Good 

Fresh flowers are great, but for a fraction of the cost, go with green plants instead. Beautify your space with fresh greens that add life and color to your event. It instantly soothes the event area, and adds warmth to cold, empty spaces. Event spaces like hotels usually have many in house plants. Don’t forget to request them from the hotel management! All they need to do is transfer the plants from their hotel foyers into your event area, and watch the space light up!

Get The Right Expert 

Photo: APE

Photo: APE

Working the right supplier and expert will save much needed time, and money. Go with the experts who have knowledge and experience in handling specific aspects of your event. An entertainment company can provide your event’s music, lighting and sound system, right down to add ons like smoke machines! You’ll be in safe hands with Musical Madness DJ’s, who can get everything sorted for you. When you deal with one supplier, chances are they will be willing to negotiate a better price for you.

Remember, it’s worth investing in just a good lighting system that can create a myriad of effects, rather than spending for ten different decor items that may not have the same impact. Event decor may not feel as important, but creating a balanced ambience for guests will definitely make your event a success.

What are some of the creative ways to stretch your event budget? Sound off in our comment box, below!

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